Zyxel for You
February 2020

This Home WiFi Solution Cuts No Corners
on Coverage or Security

Why’s secure mesh WiFi the Next Big Thing for home networks? Simple: faster speeds in every part of the house. However, most mesh solutions force an unwanted choice: use the dangerously basic built-in security or buy separate protection. But not Multy – it comes with award-winning AiShield, a comprehensive, cloud-based security solution.

Multy & AiShield: A Match Made in Heaven


Goodbye separate routers, extenders, firewalls, parental controls – Multy rolls them all into one


Set up and control your network from a streamlined mobile app that’s easy on the eyes

Safe and sound

Protect you and your family’s data via advanced parental control and security features

Cloud intelligence

Secure networks and devices with an AI-powered cloud security database

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