Never Far from Home

IP Camera Features to Keep You Connected

Your home is your castle, a place where you and your loved ones feel safe and connected. But, modern life can make being together difficult. You're busy, on the move, and not always around to share those special moments and watch over the people you care about. The good news is that thanks to modern innovations like home IP cameras, your family and home are always within reach.

Via IP camera technology, users could engage in video chat, watch for intruders, and stay in touch. You can do more today with home IP camera technology than you ever imagined, if you choose the right system. So, when looking for an IP camera system to watch over your castle, consider the following features.

Join the Resolution Revolution

When it comes to finding the right IP camera, don't skimp on picture quality. Higher resolution translates to better image quality and detail so you can see your home and everyone in it with absolute clarity. Choose a camera with at least 720p resolution or higher. While 1080p cameras may demand more network bandwidth and storage space, the level of detail cannot be beat.

Zyxel's Aurora home IP camera is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. Not only does Aurora boast full 1080p HD resolution, low-light color recording capability and an image sensor further enhance picture quality, letting you view your subjects as they were meant to be seen.

In the past, a static IP camera meant "set it and forget it." This limited interactivity. You want to be fully in control of your viewing environment, switching from camera to camera, always aware of what is happening in your home. Today's cameras put 24-hour control in the palm of your hands with remote access and push notifications. Any IP solution worth installing in your home should feature an app-driven interface for 24-7 access to your home from any location. Zyxel's Aurora IP camera system does just that and more with anywhere, anytime smartphone control and viewing. In just a few minutes, you can set up a connection between your IP camera system and your phone via the easy-to-use Zyxel Aurora app. At no additional cost, you are soon watching a live video stream and receiving notifications via text message or email when family members—or unexpected guests—step in front of a camera.

The smart motion detection feature triggers activation when someone enters an area where Aurora is installed. Soon, a trio of snapshots is sent via email and you will receive an instant mobile notification, while the camera documents the full-motion video for later viewing. Furthermore, the Aurora app can effortlessly link to several Aurora cameras to ensure a more complete overview of your environment.

Take Control

At Home in low light

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from seeing no intruders in your garage at night. Aurora makes that possible with features like a state-of-the-art Sony image sensor and F2.0 aperture lens for capturing the best quality low-light images in full color. The 145-degree lens further boosts low-light effectiveness by allowing an ultra-wide viewing angle under any conditions.

Flexible and easy to deploy in various user scenarios

Homes can be tricky environments to deploy an IP camera. You may want your camera to blend into the environment or have it be more conspicuous to deter intruders. Look for a camera offering flexible installation options. Aurora is designed to match all environments without detracting from the original decor or damaging surfaces.

Aurora is equally suited at home in the garage, driveway, kitchen, or in business locations like cafés, pet hotels, and small home offices. Whether fixed to metal with a magnetic mount, placed on a shelf with a stand, or attached by wall mount, Aurora offers an assortment of installation choices.

Features Galore

A smart IP camera shopper will look for other key features to enhance convenience and adaptability. For example, Aurora can be upgraded with a built-in alarm to scare off intruders. Business users can take advantage of Aurora's Power-over-Ethernet add-on feature, which opens up a range of adaptable deployment options.

Whether it's to keep connected or keep you safe, don't settle for second-best when choosing a home IP camera system. IP cameras like the Zyxel Aurora have the features you need to help you feel at home wherever you might roam.