Zyxel for Business
March 2022

Struggling with dropped calls and connections, especially when multiple family members are online? Sick of needing to move closer to the router for a stronger signal? These are common headaches – but they don’t need to be. Hear one of our customers share what he did to guarantee smooth conference calls every time.

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From online learning to gaming to IoT applications, the bandwidth we need in 2022 goes beyond what home wireless routers can handle. Our latest video looks at why WiFi 6 is a game changer for home networks, and why upgrading is easy to do and easy on your wallet.

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Already have WiFi or wired broadband but want to use new devices that demand an ultra-high-speed network? Try 5G or G.hn Wave 2 tech, and check out Zyxel’s cool gadgets that will make your home network even better.

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