Zyxel for Business
November 2021


Nearly 70% of SMBs say they have suffered a cyberattack – and ransomware is one of the most common, according to the Ponemon Institute's research. SMBs are now cybercriminals’ favorite prey. We dive into why and how you’re vulnerable, and provide some best practices to keep your data safe and immunize your business against cyberattacks.

Get Protected Now

Zyxel’s AI-enabled ATP firewall and security services help you predict and prevent insidious ransomware attacks and sync multiple networks more easily.

Automate Your Security

Digital vaccine against the ransomware epidemic


Manage hundreds of remote endpoints efficiently >>

Secure WiFi

Let staff work from home with office-level protections >>

Cloud Email Security

Stop malware-infected mail from hitting your inbox >>

Nebula Pro Pack

Keep your software and security protection up to date >>