Zyxel for Business
June 2021

Are dropped calls, slow data speeds, and poor signal reception impacting your business productivity in commercial venues, multistory buildings, underground spaces, or rural areas? Enter Distributed Antenna System (DAS), an easy-to-deploy, 5G-ready solution that can address these issues and deliver supreme voice and data quality for higher business productivity and better customer service, from cafes, bars, and restaurants to warehouses, hospitals, and shopping malls.

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Extend mobile signals and ensure seamless multisite connectivity via our budget-friendly solution with straightforward setup.

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Guarantee outstanding voice and data quality for every business venue, be it a small office, cafe, restaurant, or shop.

How It Works

Cell signal & productivity roundup

See how to ensure strong signals and uninterrupted connectivity across multiple floors, underground, or wherever signals are weak.

Zyxel SymmRepeater has brought dead zones back to life in a Beijing basement office. Here’s how.