Explore what is cloud-based network management

In some ways, providing network solutions for small and medium-sized businesses is just like space travel. Both involve technology. Both take years of experience to perform successfully. And both should really be left to the experts.
But sometimes, even if you really know your stuff, it's hard to know what to do next. Take cloud-based network management as an example. Some say it's the best way to meet the demands of modern businesses. And others think it's far too early to jump on that particular intergalactic bandwagon.
Join us as we take a bold journey to the outer reaches of the networking universe, and find the truth about cloud-based network management.

Lift-off turbulence

If you've configured and managed networks locally, you'll know it's a big, complicated task.

Consider this though – with the right tools, setting up new networks using the cloud isn't just easier, it's faster than the speed of light. It's also scalable, so when you want to expand their capacity, you can do so quicker than you can imagine.

Mission funding

You're probably all too aware of the overheads involved in local network management. Maintenance, travel, manpower and downtime can all be expensive.

Thing is, with cloud-based network management, those expenses can be either greatly reduced, or removed completely. That means you get to keep more of what you make, and you can spend the extra on some interstellar rocket boosters or invest it in your business.

Space-age toolkit

Of course, you know that it doesn't matter how many fancy gizmos you have, if they don't all combine to create one effective solution. So if you do step on planet cloud, you'll want a management tool that works across wireless, switch and security products. Whether you stay on-premise or invest in the cloud, you can carry on aiming for the stars and beyond.

It's time to get on board with cloud-based network management

If you're thinking about taking a giant leap for your business, consider using Zyxel cloud-based network management tool, Nebula.