Willems Transport represents a typical logistics customer for KaPé Automatisering.

Zyxel’s Switching Solution Helps Russian Meat Processing Plant Make CCTV Systems Stable and Efficient
Zyxel Nebula Solution Helps Turkish Hospital Embrace Digital Transformation and Enable High Operational Efficiency
Zyxel Networks Makes Smart Rooms, Flawless WiFi Possible for Chinese Hotel
Ona Hotels Sóller Bay in Spain is gearing up for market-leading position with Zyxel GPON End-to-End Solutions
Russian Dairy Factory Successfully Builds a Secure and Centralized Network with Zyxel Security Solution
Russia’s Leading Bakery Manufacturer Optimizes Network Infrastructure with Zyxel’s Future-Ready Solution
Zyxel Networks Aids Indian IoT Company Improve Connectivity Between Global Branches for Higher Work Efficiency
Zyxel Delivers Fail-Safe, Low-Cost Network to Swiss Indoor Skydiving Center
Italian Luxury Denim Brand Enhances Consumer Experience with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Budapest’s Iconic Hotel Delights Customers with Zyxel’s Top-Notch Wireless Solution
Turkish College Strengthens Communication Infrastructure with Zyxel Wireless Solution to Expand Students’ Global Outlook
Amid Lockdown, German Red Cross Installs Zyxel Networks Devices Without Need of On-site Help
Russian Ice Cream Maker Revives Network Infrastructure with Zyxel Switching Solution
Zyxel Networks Helps Turkish Hotel Boost Customer Satisfaction with Robust Wireless Connectivity
Zyxel Nebula Solution Helps Tata Cha Prepare High-Quality WiFi Connectivity for Upcoming Fast Expansion
Zyxel Security Solution Delivers GDPR Compliance and Always-on Connectivity for Italian Supermarket Chain
Historic Italian Restaurant Revives with High Performance and Secure Network with Zyxel Nebula and Security Solutions
Zyxel Builds New Cloud-Managed, Faster and Secure Network to UK School
Net Hue Restaurant Pleased with Streamlined and Easy-to-Manage Network from Zyxel Nebula Solution
Zyxel Nebula Solution Delivers Secure and Easy-to-Manage Network to Leading Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Packaging Company
Uzbek Bank Ensures Secure Network and Productivity with Zyxel Security Solution
Zyxel takes KTPL's GPON network to the next level in a residential city
Zyxel Nebula Solution Helped Indian Logistics Service Company Replace Network System During Fast Expansion
A Zyxel Gear Change is Driving Renault’s High-Speed Expansion in Belarus
Zyxel’s Wireless Solution Invigorates and Modernizes Belarusian Manufacturer ‘s Network
Hyatt’s Productivity Skyrockets High After Zyxel Sends its WiFi Network to the Cloud
California’s Tachi Palace Hotel Enhances WiFi connectivity and Guest Satisfaction with Zyxel‘s Intelligent Cloud Service
Zyxel Enabled Fast WiFi Network Deployment in Russian Vocational College
University of Buenos Aires Grateful for Zyxel's High-Speed, Low-Cost Network Solution
Zyxel Wireless Solution Ensures Fast and Easy Internet Access at Brazil Agricultural Fair
Zyxel Delivers Seamless, Secure WiFi to Famed Hilltop Church in Colombia
Zyxel Helped Italian Luxury Hotel Ensure Customer Satisfaction and GDPR Compliance
Zyxel's GPON Network Keeps Top Thai University Focused on its Studies with Faster, Stabler Internet
Indian Hotel Staff and Guests Enjoy High-Speed and Hassle-Free WiFi Service with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Zyxel Nebula Solution Satisfies Indian School’s Academic Needs to Nurture Future Leaders
Zyxel GPON Solution Delivers High-Speed and Long-Range Broadband Connectivity to Galvez Citizens in Argentina
Indian High-End Hotel Says Namaste to a High-Performance WiFi Network with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution Delivered More Stable and Easy-to-Manage VPN Connection to Multinational Solar Power Company
Mark Steenman, directeur Stemere aan het woord. Hij legt uit hoe Zyxel Nebula hem helpt om snel met een klein team een grote klantportfolio te bedienen. Een voorbeeld is een landelijke zorginstelling.
Klaas Jansen , directeur Jansen Pro Office aan het woord. Hij legt uit hoe Zyxel Nebula hem helpt om zijn klanten efficienter van dienst te zijn en tegelijkertijd ook kosten te reduceren.
Villa Gesell City Hall Offices Achieve Seamless WiFi Connectivity with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution Protects Hotelier’s Network Investment
Zyxel Wireless Solution Upgrades Historic Russian Hotel with Modern Network and Services
Zyxel Nebula Cloud Networking Solution Enables Smart Navigation and Easy Internet Access at Italian Boat Show Venue
Zyxel Wireless Solution Delivers High-Performance, Integrated Wired and Wireless Network for Russian School Expansion
Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Expands with Networking Upgrade from Zyxel
Subway Satisfied with Efficient and Simplified Network Management from Zyxel Nebula Solution
Zyxel Multy X Conquers Network Nightmare at Polish Manor
Zyxel Nebula Solution Spurs Education Revolution at Belgian School
Italian Theater Builds Centrally-Manageable and Secure Network with Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution
German Logistics Company Gets Reliable, State-of-the-Art Warehouse Network with Zyxel Wireless Solution
German Food Service Company Realizes Digital Transformation with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Polish Design Company Uses Zyxel Security Solution to Prepare for GDPR
Zyxel Wireless Solution Revitalizes Italian Manufacturer’s Production Facility
Colombia School Enables Seamless and Secure Network Access with Zyxel GPON Solution
German School Takes Education to the Next Level with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Zyxel Wireless Solution Works Its Network Magic for Russian Resort
Zyxel Wireless Solution Supports German Healthcare Subsidiary’s Philanthropic Future
Zyxel Wireless Solution Delivers Massive Upgrade to Successful Indian Restaurant Company
Colombia Public Services Company Boldly Branches Out with Zyxel Nebula SD-WAN Solution
Cleone Foods Selects Zyxel to Reach Warehouse Dead Spots and Drive Employee Efficiency
Zyxel LTE Solution Delivers Speed and Reliability to Finnish Telecom
A Zyxel Wireless Solution Delivers High-Bandwidth Connectivity to 5-Star Luxury Resort
Argentinian Mall Keeps Shops and Shoppers Connected with Zyxel GPON and Nebula Solution
Luxurious Turkish Resort Stays Ahead of the Competition with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Polish Aviation School Soars with Zyxel Wireless and Nebula Solution
Thai Agricultural College Grows Fiber-Optic Network with Zyxel GPON Solution
Zyxel Nebula and SD-WAN Solutions Foster Russia’s Future IT Wizardry
Zyxel Nebula Solution Gives Swiss Sports Fans Reason to Cheer
Italian Multinational Food Company Redefines the Workplace with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Opulent Indian Hotel Foresees Future Growth with Zyxel Solution
Zyxel Wireless Solution is Antidote for Russian Resort’s Dead-Zone Dread
Zyxel Switching Solution Brings Smart Tech to Kiev Metro
The Technicum North Antwerp (TNA) is located in Antwerp, Belgium and offers more than 40 courses in the Superstructure of Secondary Vocational Education (BSO), Secondary Adult Education (SVWO), Higher Vocational Education (HBO5) and the Specific Teacher Training (SLO).
India Luxury Apartments Strike Network Gold with Zyxel GPON Solution
Growing Concierge Medical Group Improves Range, Reliability, and Security of Network Using Zyxel Nebula Solution
Kitchen Manufacturer’s Network Back in Style with Zyxel Switching Solution
Athletic Retail Giant and Zyxel Produce Winning Wireless Solution
Slovakian Spa Receives Network Rejuvenation with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Geothermal Oasis Gains Cutting-Edge Connectivity with Zyxel Wired and Wireless Solution
UK Logistics Company Rides Wave of Success with the Help of Zyxel Nebula
4-star Corendon Village Hotel connected to the world with networking products from Zyxel
Atmospheric Golden Horn Cafe Adds WiFi to Its Menu with Zyxel Nebula Solution
New Stadiums Score State-of-the-Art Networks with Zyxel Wired and Wireless Milestones
CNC Leader’s Network a Cut Above the Competition with Zyxel Wireless Solution
STEM School Makes the Grade with Wired and Wireless Infrastructure Solution from Zyxel
Chic Turkish Dormitory Gets a High-Tech Infusion with Zyxel’s Wired and Wireless Solutions
Luxurious Hotel in Istanbul’s Old City is Transported into the Future with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Upgraded ICT Network Means Back-to-School Bonus for Learners at Bottesford Infants
Student Dorm Takes Wireless Connectivity to the Next Level
Mega Mall Expands Wireless Retail Experience with Zyxel Solution
London Restaurant and Entertainment Space Connects Boundaries with Zyxel WiFi
Italian Fashion Boutique Chain Finds the Right Fit with Nebula Solution
WiFi Innovation Nurtures Business Incubation in Turkey
How Upgrading Your WiFi Can Also Upgrade Your Staff’s Efficiency
Efficiency is King as Zyxel Helps Russian Factory Rebuild its WiFi Network
How and Why Zyxel Helped a Turkish Five-Star Hotel Separate its Guests From its Staff
Zyxel Nebula Brings Peace of Mind to U.S. Assisted Care Facilities
Zyxel Serves Up a Comfortable Communication Experience at This Turkish Spa Resort
Kent New Build Achieves Smart Home Serenity
Zyxel Helps Turkish Hotel Refresh its Network Without a Moment of Downtime
Zyxel Gets Italian Logistics Firm Ready to Scale New Heights
Zyxel Tech Powers Summit to Help 120 Mayors Make Our Cities Smart
French Hotels’ Network Overhaul Delivers Fast WiFi without Slowing Down Business
A Cutting-Edge Network for a 300-Year-Old Italian Building
Milan Commercial District Keeps Shoppers Safe Using Zyxel Switching Solution
Zyxel Brings Wireless Innovation to Tomorrow’s Innovators
Connecting a School Where Every Pupil Has a Tablet
Turkish Gas Station Chain Cuts Overhead, Makes IT Management Easy with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Zyxel Connects Belgian Brewery IT Network with Bottling Plant
Secure Network Solution Helps Save Lives Around the World
Research Hospital Cures its Security Woes with Switching Solution
Puype connects brewery IT network with De Halve Maan bottling plant
Hotel Spits Service to Guests and Staff with Zyxel VPN Solution
Spanish Hotel Connects Guests to Sand, Sun, and Stable WiFi
Norwegian IT Company Services Clients Remotely with Nebula Cloud Solution
Taiwan Machine Manufacturer Upgrades Network with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Pieroth Romanet Picks Zyxel Nebula to Link Branches and Staff
WiFi Network Provides Polish Door Manufacture with Portal to New Growth
UK Auto Dealership Shifts WiFi Connectivity into High Gear with Nebula Cloud Solution
Zyxel Pipes in Secure Network Infrastructure Solution for Turkish Natural Gas Supplier
End-to-End Zyxel Network Infrastructure Delivers Performance, Reliability, Affordability to New High School Campus
New Network Infrastructure Keeps Patients and Staff Smiling at Turkish Dental Hospital
Research University Makes the Grade with Wired and Wireless Network Solution from Zyxel
Hospitality MSP Standardizes on Zyxel Nebula to Centrally Manage High-Performance Property-Wide Network Infrastructures
Czech Health Care Provider Cures WiFi Ills with Zyxel Nebula Solution
Hotel Deploys Wireless Network Solution to Connect Guests and Staff while Preserving Historic Structures
Zyxel Provides Cool Solution to Food Storage Challenge
Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Deploys Zyxel Billing Hotspot Solution to Provide Free/Time-Based Internet Access to Guests
Zyxel Security Solution Gives Polish Dental Clinic Something to Smile About
Indian Engineering College Makes the Grade with Wired and Wireless Solution
India Cable MSO Provides High-Speed Broadband Service with Zyxel GPON E2E Solution
Five-Star London Hotel Gets Bespoke Switching Solution
Wireless Network Breathes New Life into London Theater Landmark
Students and Faculty in Turkey Stay Connected Zyxel Wired-Wireless Solution
Turkish Shipyard Company Launches Network with Zyxel Wireless Solution
Spanish Telco Enables Next Generation Services with Zyxel End-to-End GPON Solutions
Mining Company Strikes Gold with Zyxel Wired and Wireless Solution
Zyxel Managed Wi-Fi Gateways Deliver Performance and Reliability, Boosting Carrier Profitability
Medieval Event Venue Gets Modern Twist with Wireless Internet Solution
Zyxel Rolls Out the Red Carpet at Press Event with Winning Wi-Fi Solution
Bologna’s Historic Palazzo Re Enzo Receives Wi-Fi Makeover
Student Guest House Gets Connected with Wired and Wireless Network Project from Zyxel
Radisson BLU Hotel Provides Guests with Seamless Connectivity Through Zyxel Wireless Solution
University Connects Video Conference Center to International Partners with Zyxel Solution
Lindner Hotels Tunes into the Latest TV Technologies with Zyxel Solution
Zyxel Uses Its Noodle to Provide Pasta Manufacture with Perfect Network Solution
Luxury Hotel and Spa in Turkey Connects Guests with Zyxel Wired and Wireless Solution
Norwegian Manufacturer Connects Vietnam Facility with ZyWALL USG Solution
Game Developer Playsoft Levels-Up Its Wi-Fi Network with ZyXEL Solutions
Homesick Students Connect with Family and Friends via Zyxel Wi-Fi Solution
Students Stay Connected with ZyXEL Dormitory Network
Italian Hotel Connects Guests and Staff with Dual Network Solution
Ministry of Sound Boosts Network Resilience with Zyxel Switching Solution
Connectivity Comes Home with Integrated Solutions Based on Zyxel Solutions
Zyxel Network Connects Guests at Switzerland’s Historic Castle Coudrée
Zyxel Wi-Fi Solution Brings Free Internet Connectivity to Swiss Hotel
Zyxel Creates Economical High-Performance Wi-Fi Solution for Turkish Boutique Hotel
Luxury Resort Connects Guests Inside and Out with Zyxel Wi-Fi Solution
Indian Mutual Fund Securely Connects Branches with Zyxel Solution
MÜSİAD Establishes Stable and Secure Network Infrastructure with ZyXEL Solution
Swiss Harbor Connects Boaters to Internet with ZyXEL Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution
Indian Cable Company Delivers Internet Service with ZyXEL Optical Solution
Four-Star Italian Resort Hotel Extends Wi-Fi Coverage with ZyXEL Solution
Alliance Hospitality Integrates ZyXEL Wi-Fi Solution Across Its Hotel Network in France
Italian IT Company Links Pharmacy’s with Flexible ZyXEL Solution
ZyXEL Strengthens Communication Network Infrastructure of Turkey’s Bucak Public Hospital
Tunnel Project in Swiss Alps Gets Connected with ZyXEL Solution
Italian Hotel’s Network Upgrade Earns Raves for ZyXEL Wireless Solution
ZyXEL Solution Provides Istanbul Student Hostel with Convenient and Secure Network Access
The Moulin Rouge Modernizes Its Wireless Network with ZyXEL Technology
Italy’s Sogedim Chooses ZyXEL to Expand Wireless Coverage for Its Logistics Operations
The Mini Hotel Milano Group Chooses ZyXEL for Its Network Infrastructure and Wireless Coverage
Tusan Beach Hotel Offers High-Speed Internet Access to Its Customers via ZyXEL’s Professional Solutions
ZyXEL Connects French Media Company with Wireless Network Solution at Cannes Film Festival
Liberty Hotels Lykia Renews Its Network Infrastructure via ZyXEL
Swiss Construction Contractor Brings Network Up to Speed with ZyXEL Solution
Czech Financial Services Company Connects Customers and Protects Data with ZyXEL Security Solution
Kocaer Textile Selects ZyXEL Solution to Link Retail Outlets
Indian Internet Service Provider Upgrades to ZyXEL GEPON Solution
Dutch Hotel Chain Meets Customer’s Wireless Needs with ZyXEL Solution
Italian Children’s Charity Connects with Wireless Solution Supported by ZyXEL
Historic Hotel in Venice Chooses ZyXEL Wireless Hospitality Solution
New Turkish Hotel Launches with State-of-the-Art ZyXEL Network Solution
World’s Second Largest Egyptian Museum Receives ZyXEL Wireless Solution
India-Based Telecom Secures Data Network with ZyXEL Security Solution
Historic Italian Museum Upgrades Visitor Services with ZyXEL Hybrid Solution
Turkish Iron Goods Manufacturer Enhances Communications with ZyXEL Devices
Historic Italian Art Academy Gets Modern Wireless Internet Solution
Turkish Teacher's Lodge and Art School Goes Wireless with ZyXEL Solution
Swiss Hotel Four Points by Sheraton Sihlcity Upgrades to ZyXEL’s Multimedia WLAN Solution
Domino’s Pizza Turkey Links its Operations with ZyXEL Solutions
ZyXEL Creates Seamlessly Integrated Solution for Indian Logistics Company
France’s Opéra National du Rhin Upgrades with Full ZyXEL Network Solution
Ardahan University in Turkey Strengthens Network Infrastructure with ZyXEL Solutions
Metropolitan Hotel Ankara Modernizes Wireless Network with ZyXEL Solutions
Matterhorn Group Unifies Business Network with ZyXEL WLAN, Switzerland
ZyXEL Wi-Fi Solution Delivers Results at Large Bakery Café Chain in Turkey
Turkish Business Hotel Uses ZyXEL’s Security Solution to Enhance Guest Experiences
Czech Hospital Protects Confidential Patient Data with ZyXEL Security Solution
ZyXEL Security Solution Eases New Delhi Medical University’s Growing Pains
Innovative Wi-Fi Solution Delivers Results at Busy Midsize Hotel in Slovakia
Hotel Horizont Adds Connectivity to Mountain Retreat Experience with ZyXEL Solutions, Czech Republic
ZyXEL Wi-Fi Solution Facilitates Rise in Productivity at Pacyga Furniture Factory in Poland
ZyXEL Upgrades Belgian School with Wireless Network Solution
ZyXEL Solution Transforms Wireless Coverage at Czech Ice Rink-Hotel Complex
Thai Manufacturer Jaroonrat Achieves Wireless Network Connectivity with ZyXEL Solution
ZyXEL Provides Reliable and High-Quality Network for Hungarian Olympic Centre in Szeged
ZyXEL Creates Modern and Secure Wi-Fi Network for Polish Olympians Primary School No. 323 in Warsaw
ZyXEL Provides Wi-Fi Solution for Family Hotel Penzion Za Vodou in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech Republic
ITES Future Proofs Landromantik Hotel Oswald Wireless Network with ZyXEL Wi-Fi, Germany
ZyXEL Assists Polish Technical University with Fiber Network Upgrade
U.S. Company Intech Systems of South Carolina Boosts Holiday Inn Wireless with ZyXEL Solution
ZyXEL’s Solution Offers a Stable and Reliable Environment for Toscana Valley Resort in Thailand
Covell Group Deploys ZyXEL Solution to Monitor Smart Irrigation System, USA
Minnesota School Gets a Complete Network Makeover from ZyXEL
Non-Profit Organization KFI Gets Multi-location Telecommunications System Upgrade from ZyXEL, USA
Wireless Network Setup for SMEs Has Never Been This Easy
ZyXEL Builds an Efficient Full-Coverage Network System for Liquor Distillery Organization in Thailand
Draadloos netwerk inrichten voor mkb nog nooit zo eenvoudig
Line Syte Gives Minneapolis Mart a Complete Wireless Network Makeover Using All ZyXEL Gear
Knight Security Provides Comprehensive Network-based Video Surveillance System for the State of Texas, USA
EarthLink’s Partnership with ZyXEL: Strong Solutions; Strong Relations, USA
Unstoppable Wireless Access in Europa-Park Hotels, Germany
Network Infrastructure at Hotel Kukučka is Built on ZyXEL Hospitality Solution, Slovakia
Carnegie Telephone helps local hospital go wireless with ZyXEL’s dual-purpose Wi-Fi solution, USA
Trojský Vrch Uses ZyXEL Technology to Facilitate Internet Connection, Czech Republic
Kamphaeng Phet Hospital, Thailand - ZyXEL Health Care Solution Revolutionizes IT System
A Secure, Powerful Wi-Fi Network for Sušice Primary School, Czech Republic
Majestic Grande Hotel Bangkok Deploys ZyXEL Hospitality Solution, Thailand
Abuzz of Australia delivers digital kiosk services
Adagio Access Brussels Europe
Sunrise of Switzerland on Ultimate HD TV Performance for Homes
Reliable and High-Quality Network Available for Kulkarriya Community School, Western Australia
Modern and Secure Wi-Fi Network for the British International School Bratislava
Nonstop Wireless Access in Graphisoft Park
Hankook Tire - Nonstop Wireless Access
Bánki Donát High School and Technical College- 24h Wireless Access in College Buildings
Bánki Donát High School and Technical College
Carrier Wales Delivers Uncontended Fibre to the Business with ZyXEL UK
Residence Ózon**** Conference & Wellness Hotel
Rio Networks
DynaTek Media
Best Western
Map Merchant
Secondary Vocational School
Inselmühle Hotel
Seeklause Hotel
Grand Hotel Pupp
Greenhill School
Highdown School
Bovey Castle
Lewis Silkin
St Joseph's Primary School
Deanwater Hotel
Stanley Gibbons
Paten Hotels
Connected Health Entertainment Solution Underpinned by ZyXEL
The Right Solutions for DNS:NET
ZyXEL in Festival de Cannes 2011
Novo Gaming d.o.o. - Novomatic Holding