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Nebula Together Solution

Small Business Solution for the Future

With the accelerated need for digital integration for all businesses. Social, e-commerce and virtual presence continue to increase over traditional operations. Reliable 'always on' connectivity has now become an essential part of everyday business.

How We Can Help

WiFi that just Works

Experience fast and reliable network connectivity on devices like mobile point of sale (PoS) payment systems, digital signage, IoT devices, and any other network devices with Zyxel's Nebula networking solution. Provide application level optimization to ensure you provide reliable service for both business employees and customers.

Connect with 5G/LTE

Take advantage of an 'always on' connected workplace with our 5G/LTE routers. Extend business networks so they can support an 'always on' connected service in areas that a traditional Internet network can’t reach to open more opportunities to interact with your customers.

Security that is constantly evolving, so you don’t need to

Network security that constantly evolves to meet the demands of an ever-changing working environment; from providing flexible secure security options directly from our Wireless Access Point to supporting both staff and client access, our solution leverages from some of the world's leading network security vendors constantly protecting you against the latest threats within minutes of an outbreak.

Few clicks here & there...and you're up and running

Zyxel Nebula enables configuration of networking devices via the cloud without the need for unboxing before the device is shipped to its destination. Upon arrival, all Nebula devices are true plug and play, negating the need for an on-site installer.

Solution Highlights

Discover how nebula can help you keep up with the pace of your customer’s needs.

Rapid Network Deployment

  • Simpler approach to setup
  • Up-and-running in minutes
  • No waiting for service provider to install

Fast & Trusted Connectivity

  • Ultra-fast WiFi 6 Access Point
  • Application level WiFi optimization
  • Add-on Access Point security service
WiFi 6 Access Point

Enhanced Management & Cybersecurity

  • Customer service and employee secure connectivity
  • Simplified IT management with unified platform
  • Optional security (Firewall/Access Point)
WiFi 6 Access Point
5G/LTE Router

Working Stronger Together

With fast-moving working environments, our new Nebula Together is built to adapt to any working modes, while adding devices with granular policies and secure access authentication. Nebula Together ensures that all your networks can be accessed securely outside of the office while providing the same level of security securing remote hybrid workplaces.


As businesses evolve, improved scalability and greater control is managed across multi-sites and multi-devices on the network. We seamlessly provide secure connectivity options and security from headquarter, remote workplaces, and users.


Nebula Together gives your business the flexibility to support your remote and distributed workforce with authorized access of data at anytime, anywhere.


Whether you are looking for easy deployment, effective control or real-time security management, a full line of products and a centralized platform is ready to fulfill all your managed service needs.

Managed Business

Nebula Together makes the transition to cloud easy! We simplify deploying and managing multiple networks and devices with a centralized management system.

Nebula, One Platform for Everything

Get the richest collaboration with everything you need on a simplified and unified Nebula Platform. Nebula solution allows you to easily manage, monitor, analyze compatible firewalls, access points, and switches.

Elevate Collaboration with
Advanced ATP on Cloud

To power network security, we strengthen the Zyxel Security Matrix in Nebula with ATP firewalls on cloud, giving peace of mind with collaborative network defense and sandboxing provisioning. Get detailed reports for investigations, active monitoring, high visibility of network activities, with our evolving security protection.

Same Security Across Networks

The Nebula solution offer a wide array of products that allow different remote access options including firewalls for headquarters and branch offices, remote access points with Secure WiFi and VPN client management for off-site employees, extending endpoint protection. Get more license service from Zyxel Marketplace.

One-Stop Shop Service for Partners

We make it simple for partners by optimizing service and management on a single platform—Zyxel Circle. Integrated Nebula license, auto data and license time alignment, provide easy renewal and purchase process bringing a consistent customer experience both in platform and licensing.

Find the Right Products for You

Only specific Access Point, Switch, Firewall models and firmware versions support Nebula Together. Before adding an products to the Nebula Cloud service, make sure that it is a supported model and that it is running the required firmware version. Supported models and firmware are here.

Let Us Solve Your Challenges Together