Matterhorn Group Unifies Business Network with ZyXEL WLAN, Switzerland

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The Burger Community (Burgergemeinde) of Zermatt, Switzerland is an alpine resort town at the foot of the famous Matterhorn mountain. When hospitality businesses in the community needed a unified wireless network to connect each other and their customers began looking for an effective solution. Biner IT-Consulting Ltd stepped in to provide exactly that with Studerus AG, ZyXEL’s valued business solution partner. The network backbone was created with dark fibre provided by the Zermatt Mountain Railway and the Zermatt Power Station. The implementation of point-to-point connections from the network center to local businesses was implemented with the help of ZyXEL's GS1910 and GS2200 series switches. Today, a total of 80 ZyXEL NWA5000 series access points have been installed in various businesses, both indoors and outdoors, connecting hotels, restaurants and guests.


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