Line Syte Gives Minneapolis Mart a Complete Wireless Network Makeover Using All ZyXEL Gear

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Minneapolis Mart Uses ZyXEL Solutions to Provide a Fast and Stable Wi-Fi Network for Users

“From all aspects, the system handled all adversity exceptionally well!” “The management of the Minneapolis Mart is happy, their customers are happy, and I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with the ZyXEL system I installed.”

                                                                                                              Craig Moench, CEO, Line Syte, Inc., USA


Minneapolis-based IT specialists Line Syte, Inc., with clients throughout the United States, was called upon to upgrade the Wi-Fi network operated by the 200,000-square-foot Minneapolis Mart. The Minneapolis Mart is a wholesale permanent showroom facility. The expansive building features 140 individual showrooms with four galleries plus a lobby and a café.


Minneapolis Mart wanted to upgrade its Wi-Fi network. The existing Wi-Fi system, which was comprised of consumer-grade equipment, could no longer support the growing demand for Internet access by mobile device users when the Mart hosted its frequent high-traffic tradeshows.

Solutions and Benefits

Mr. Moench and the Line Syte team chose to work with ZyXEL because of the vendor’s extensive suite of wireless equipment, Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls, and Ethernet switches. ZyXEL offered a broad range of enterprise-class features at an unmatched price point that satisfied Line Syte’s technical and budgetary requirements for Minneapolis Mart.

Line Syte opted for dual Internet connections for higher throughput, reliability and back-up options. They matched the dual-Internet connections with ZyXEL’s USG200 Unified Security Gateway for solid perimeter protection and load-balancing over the two Internet connections. To blanket Minneapolis Mart with a fast, stable wireless network, Moench chose ZyXEL’s NXC5200 Wireless LAN Controller and NWA5123-NI 802.11n Dual-Radio Unified Access Points. The APs were connected to the controller via ZyXEL’s GS1900-24HP Smart Managed Switch.

The NXC5200 WLAN controller, capable of managing up to 240 APs, was ideally suited to cover the expansive Minneapolis Mart. In addition to extensive management and monitoring capabilities, it offered sophisticated features like auto channel selection, distributed traffic forwarding and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise authentication to, respectively, simplify deployment, boost throughput and secure the wireless network.  

Industry pros like Moench understand that there is a lot more to a partnership than just outstanding hardware. He worked closely with ZyXEL sales and technical support teams from the get go making the entire purchase and deployment process painless. In addition, the sourcing of all the various network components from a single vendor allowed for single-support contact and a uniform interface, resulting in a shorter learning curve and hassle-free deployment.

As a result, one of the Mart’s most popular shows took place mere weeks after the installation. Line Syte set-up reporting features to collect usage data during the show, as well as content filtering for the UTM firewall to block pornography, video streaming, and peer-to-peer sites. Everything performed well during the event. The wireless network held up admirably, and the reporting system provided a wealth of valuable information to the network administrator on network usage in real time. This helped the Line Syte team to manage and monitor the network constantly for issues and network bottlenecks. Fortunately, however, the network didn’t have any problems. At one point, there were nearly 400 devices connected, yet the network was still able to pull 30 to 50 Mb.

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