Liberty Hotels Lykia Renews Its Network Infrastructure via ZyXEL

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Liberty Hotels Lykia is one of the most popular hotels in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region of Turkey, known as the Turquoise Coast for its pristine beaches and beautiful blue waters. Visitors flock to the resort for wide range of activities, including outdoor sports, golf, swimming, and relaxing in the hotel spa. With a growing number of guests requiring Internet connectivity, it has become necessary for the hotel to overhaul its current network. With the help of a ZyXEL network solution built around the company’s Gigabit switch technology and industry-leading network management software, Liberty Hotels Lykia is now ready for the future.

“When implementing the Liberty Hotels Lykia infrastructure, time, cost and quality were very important for us. Success was achieved by carefully managing these factors throughout the project.”

Erdem Timur Koca
ZyXEL Channel Project Sales Manager

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