Hotel Horizont Adds Connectivity to Mountain Retreat Experience with ZyXEL Solutions, Czech Republic

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It is easy to forget that not everyone was an early adapter of wireless Internet technology. Niche businesses in the hospitality industry, for example, prided themselves on providing an escape from the e-mails, faxes and other modern “conveniences” that could distract customers from much-needed rest and relaxation. The Horizont Hotel, a mountain resort in the picturesque town of Pec pod Snezkou, Czech Republic, was just such an early resister of Internet connectivity. That was until changing times caught up with them and customers began demanding wireless on their holiday retreats.

In the early days of the Internet, the absence of connectivity could be viewed as an advantage and was often marketed as such: guests arrive at hotels to have fun, relax, recover, and in short, not be disturbed. In such instances, the Internet is the last thing this group of niche customers may have found interesting or attractive. Times change, however, and demands for reliable connectivity are among the most common customer requests today. This is due to many factors. Chiefly, the Internet is no longer just a work-related tool; it has become part of a lifestyle or a form of entertainment expected by hotel guests. Read the full story to learn how ZyXEL provided Horizont Hotel a simple, affordable and upgradable solution.

“Why have we opted for the ZyXEL technology? It's simple: implementing new technology in an old building without any construction interventions is always a great challenge. That is why we needed both a quality product and excellent support. We received both of these from ZyXEL.”

Mr. Jan Kábrt
President, Skip Hardware,Ltd.

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