Czech Financial Services Company Connects Customers and Protects Data with ZyXEL Security Solution

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One of the competitive advantages that insurance, financial and real estate services company Astorie Inc. offers its clients is the use of Internet connectivity for all real-time communications, as well as access to corporate databases. Given the volume of financial communications and business-related operations carried out online, the company places great emphasis on security, which is in turn valued by its many customers. With a secure computing environment, customers gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that their critical data is being protected, not only during storage, but also when transmitted. That’s an assurance Astorie management can pass on to customers with confidence thanks to a complete security solution provided by ZyXEL.

“With new technology, we could improve our services and work more efficiently for our customers. Therefore, we decided to modernize our corporate network, ensuring online access to our affiliates and field workers. At the same time, we increased security to protect our data and servers. Solutions from ZyXEL enabled us to achieve these goals.”

Dagmar Nekudová
Director and Board member, Astorie Inc.

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