Covell Group Deploys ZyXEL Solution to Monitor Smart Irrigation System, USA

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At the time of this writing, California is experiencing its worst drought since 1977. The Governor of the state declared a drought State of Emergency in January 2014 and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages.

With water availability at its worst in decades, advanced monitoring and smart irrigation technology came to the rescue of one farmland developer: Mellano and Company of the world famous flower fields at Carlsbad Ranch, thanks to the foresight and ingenuity of solution provider and ZyXEL solution partner Covell Group.

"The only time in the last six years the ZyXEL product stopped working was when it was unplugged due to power outage at the farm," "Given the dust, occasional high temperatures, and proximity to the sea of these fields, this unit has proven virtually indestructible!"

Daniel Covell
Founder and President, The Covell Group

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