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5G NR Solutions

Empower Your Future

5G is here! It empowers you to take control like never before! Explore the speed of 5G network technology and rethink what’s possible in the future. We provide 5G NR solution allows you to enjoy premium broadband service with ultra-high speed, massive connectivity and deployment flexibility. Perfect for delivering easy and fast 5G broadband to homes, offices, factories and even on the go.

5G CyberTalk

Expert Q&A:
Why 5G is worth it
Patrick Hirscher
EMEA LTE/5G Market
Development Manager
Why does 5G matter for SMBs success?
Patrick Hirscher
EMEA LTE/5G Market
Development Manager

Solution Benefits

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Low latency for high-speed and time-sensitive services

The latency of 5G NR is an estimated 60 to 120 times lower than 4G, which means the delay from when data is uploaded to when it reaches its target is nearly undetectable. In fact, the ultra-low latency of 5G NR could potentially be less than 10 milliseconds, making it perfect for premium, time-sensitive services such as gaming and cloud applications, live video streaming, and VR/AR.

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Wide spectrum bandwidth, higher network efficiency

By opening new ranges of the spectrum, 5G NR creates additional opportunities for FWA deployments, delivering the necessary bandwidth to support high-definition applications. 5G NR’s increase in bandwidth accelerates Internet speeds and reduces network latency for an overall improvement in service of 80%.

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The wide product portfolio for flexible deployments

Zyxel offers a wide product portfolio of 5G NR devices — outdoor, indoor and portable — suitable for a range of deployment scenarios and a variety of network infrastructures.

With Zyxel 5G NR solutions, you can expand your FWA service offerings in any direction, reaching your target markets with ease.

SA/NSA dual-mode compliant to secure your CAPEX

To secure your investments in 5G NR, Zyxel solutions are interoperable with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments. In addition to deployment flexibility, Zyxel 5G NR routers support new bands and reframing bands. This enhances the connection quality and provides you with an excellent connectivity experience.

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Zyxel mobiel app
Zyxel mobiel app

Zyxel mobile app optimizes user experience

Zyxel 5G NR solutions come with the Zyxel mobile app, a simple and intuitive app allowing you to set up the device with just a few taps.