October 05, 2021 Zyxel adds robust cybersecurity defense to Nebula Cloud Networking Solution
September 07, 2021 Zyxel helps users unlock full potential of next-gen devices with new Multi-Gigabit switches
June 21, 2021 Zyxel launches two new 5G mobile repeaters for SMBs to solve flaky mobile coverage
June 15, 2021 Zyxel named Common Vulnerability and Exposure Numbering Authority
June 04, 2021 Stichting Agora doet digitalisering-sprint tijdens pandemie
May 04, 2021 Zyxel simplifies license management with new platform, Circle
April 12, 2021 Zyxel Nebula adds firewall to deliver most comprehensive cloud networking solution for SMBs
March 15, 2021 Zyxel partners with AV manufacturer WyreStorm to offer powerful end-to-end AV over IP solution
February 23, 2021 Zyxel introduces new multigigabit switch for home-based professionals and content creators
February 08, 2021 Zyxel teams up with Tiller for mobile point-of-sale system partnership
December 08, 2020 Zyxel teams up with IC design leader ASPEED to offer powerful end-to-end AV-over-IP solution
November 26, 2020 Zyxel leaves Taiwan Excellence Awards as networking industry’s biggest winner
November 18, 2020 Zyxel is only networking company named among Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020
November 04, 2020 Zyxel supports over-stretched and under-resourced SMBs with an enhanced security firewall portfolio
September 30, 2020 Zyxel’s Armor G5 router unleashes full power of WiFi 6 for home users
September 08, 2020 Zyxel partners with professional audio and video solution provider ATEN to offer powerful end-to-end AV-over-IP solution
August 18, 2020 Zyxel Networks develops most comprehensive WiFi 6 AP portfolio for SMB market
July 06, 2020 Zyxel debuts industry’s first tri-mode management in new hybrid switch
June 30, 2020 Zyxel simplifies WiFi security, opens up Nebula API to build a cloud networking ecosystem with partners
June 24, 2020 Zyxel unlocks 5G potential with performance-oriented 5G NR Outdoor Router
June 01, 2020 Zyxel prepares SMBs for the post-pandemic new normal with a new range of firewalls
May 25, 2020 Zyxel launches industry’s first five-color LED smart managed switch to help businesses adopt WiFi 6 standard with ease
May 20, 2020 Zyxel Communications and Solutions 30 connect Spanish students to online education
May 11, 2020 Zyxel extends SD-WAN OS remote network management capabilities, to support growth in homeworking
April 30, 2020 Zyxel partners with B4RN to bring high-speed internet to rural UK schools
April 27, 2020 Zyxel partners with McAfee to provide robust one-box security solution to small- and medium-sized businesses
March 27, 2020 Zyxel is offering tech help to support working from home
March 12, 2020 Get Selects Zyxel WiFi 6 Router to Provide Superior Subscriber WiFi Experience
February 25, 2020 Zyxel joins elite ranks with 20-Year Award for security from ICSA Labs
February 11, 2020 Zyxel brings 10G LAN to home/SOHO networks
January 22, 2020 Businesses receive boost to security with Zyxel’s latest VPN solution
January 13, 2020 Zyxel Nebula unveils next-gen UI with sleek dashboard and more powerful features
January 07, 2020 Zyxel to showcase 5G/LTE and 10G broadband, WiFi 6 and cyber-security solutions for service providers at CES 2020
January 06, 2020 Zyxel announces new VP of Global Sales and Marketing
December 12, 2019 Zyxel Hikvision
October 24, 2019 Savvy small business owners can now take control of their cybersecurity with Zyxel’s advanced new firewall
October 22, 2019 WiFi 6 technology helps schools to unleash digital potential
October 07, 2019 Visual threat analysis service helps simplify complex and time-intensive business network monitoring
October 02, 2019 BBWF2019: Zyxel to deliver multi-gig experience with new WiFi 6, 10G PON and Managed WiFi solutions
September 02, 2019 Zyxel’s new PoE surveillance switches unlock future IoT business opportunities
August 26, 2019 Zyxel introduces IP Reputation Filter for robust, real-time network security
June 25, 2019 Zyxel welcomes six APs into Nebula’s feature-infused cloud family
June 19, 2019 Zyxel’s latest switches praised by powerful US and Russian IT outlets
June 17, 2019 Nebula harnesses power of machine learning to deliver the future of hotel services
May 13, 2019 Zyxel access points lauded for outstanding performance and innovation
April 10, 2019 KFC Belarus deploys Zyxel wireless network to deliver superior WiFi experience to customers
March 25, 2019 Zyxel’s Nebula SD-WAN achieves bandwidth breakthrough for SMBs
March 18, 2019 Zyxel’s Multy U wins 2019 iF DESIGN AWARD
March 04, 2019 Zyxel expands and strengthens Multy X mesh tech with the agile Multy Mini
February 18, 2019 Zyxel revolutionizes campus and SME networks with XS3800-28 aggregation switch
February 06, 2019 MWC 2019: Zyxel unveils industry’s first high-end LTE Cat. 18 routers and In-Building Repeater Hub Solution
January 21, 2019 Zyxel unveils Cloud Query service for ATP firewalls to catch malware before it can spread
January 16, 2019 Zyxel introduces mesh WiFi solution tailored to younger users
January 15, 2019 Zyxel expands Nebula range to provide businesses with even greater flexibility and power
January 09, 2019 Zyxel to debut and demo high-speed broadband solutions designed to expand reach and revenue for service providers at CES 2019
December 10, 2018 Zyxel unveils plug-and-play PoE+ switches for small businesses
November 14, 2018 Zyxel named a finalist in the 2018 CRN Tech Innovator Awards
November 09, 2018 WiFi Mesh Network powers Zyxel to 2019 Taiwan Excellence Awards
October 17, 2018 Zyxel unveils brand-new Nebula SD-WAN
October 15, 2018 Zyxel unveils the ultimate network security analysis service—and it can fit in your pocket
October 02, 2018 Broadband World Forum 2018: Zyxel to unveil next-generation broadband solutions
October 01, 2018 Zyxel expands cloud management functionality with all-new app and two new hybrid switch series
September 27, 2018 Zyxel’s new small business mesh WiFi puts top grade security in the palm of your hand
September 17, 2018 Zyxel's new ATP firewall uses the cloud to make cutting-edge cybersecurity simple for SMBs
September 03, 2018 Zyxel raises the bar for outdoor APs with a smarter antenna and tougher build
June 25, 2018 Zyxel is now offering basic cloud network management for $0 a year
June 11, 2018 Zyxel’s new access point gives you wired and wireless Gigabit connectivity
June 06, 2018 Zyxel’s new repeater comes with an app to let any home user wipe out dead spots like a pro
June 04, 2018 ZyWALL firewall series joins elite club with Common Criteria certification
May 30, 2018 Zyxel partners with Bitdefender to bolster industry-leading ZyWALL family of security solutions
May 21, 2018 Zyxel launches Multy Pro, a Whole-Home Managed WiFi Solution for carrier WiFi services
April 11, 2018 Zyxel partners with Enea to enhance application visibility for security solutions
March 26, 2018 Zyxel’s new SOHO gigabit switches merge power with simplicity in connecting office and home gears
February 07, 2018 Zyxel expands in-building offering ahead of Mobile World Congress 2018
February 05, 2018 Zyxel introduces NebulaFlexTM for access points, paves a flexible way to the cloud for everyone
January 29, 2018 Zyxel introduces all-in-one connectivity for security-conscious small businesses
January 22, 2018 New ZyWALL VPN series boosts security for growing businesses
January 10, 2018 Zyxel to Showcase Giga-Next Broadband Solutions and MeshIQTM Whole-Home WiFi Ecosystem of Products at CES 2018
January 09, 2018 Zyxel to showcase new high-performance networking solutions for consumers and businesses at ShowStoppers @ CES 2018
December 06, 2017 Zyxel Multy X wins Silver Award at Taiwan Excellence Awards
November 27, 2017 Zyxel tackles 11ac Wave 2 WiFi challenges with new wireless access points
November 06, 2017 Zyxel launches gigabit Layer-3 fiber switch XGS4600-52F
October 09, 2017 Zyxel to show Managed WiFi Solution for service providers at Broadband World Forum 2017
October 02, 2017 Zyxel Multy X delivers fast, reliable WiFi coverage throughout the home
September 18, 2017 Zyxel introduces whole-home WiFi mesh solution
June 26, 2017 Zyxel expands Nebula range, offers SMBs more flexibility to move networking into cloud
April 26, 2017 Zyxel launches premium VPN firewall to safeguard multi-site, growing businesses
April 10, 2017 Zyxel introduces 11ac access point for SOHO and small businesses
March 27, 2017 Zyxel introduces Aurora Camera – capture the moment, bring to light
February 16, 2017 Zyxel wins Taiwan Excellence Awards for 12 consecutive years
February 15, 2017 MWC 2017: Zyxel to debut new premium LTE indoor gateway LTE5366
January 19, 2017 Zyxel to showcase new heights of mobility and flexibility at Mobile World Congress 2017
January 16, 2017 Zyxel introduces smart trouble-free Wi-Fi for hotels and campuses
January 09, 2017 Zyxel introduces premium switch series for bandwidth-sensitive deployments
November 29, 2016 Zyxel wins Taiwan Top 20 global brands recognition for 14th straight year
November 28, 2016 Boost home Wi-Fi with small, portable Zyxel Wi-Fi extenders
November 21, 2016 Zyxel launches PLA5236 to fill dead corners with Wi-Fi
November 07, 2016 Zyxel launches Nebula cloud networking solution
October 06, 2016 Zyxel to Demonstrate Wi-Fi Excellence at Broadband World Forum 2016
September 05, 2016 Meet “Your Networking Ally”: Zyxel launches rebranding campaign
August 16, 2016 ZyXEL launches new security firmware to fortify network defenses
July 06, 2016 ZyXEL’s new PoE switch cuts network complexity for small offices
June 23, 2016 ZyXEL pushes gaming and streaming boundaries with new Armor Z2 router
June 20, 2016 Smart antenna key to overcoming the ultimate Wi-Fi challenge
June 02, 2016 ZyXEL Showcases Latest LTE Devices at 5G World 2016
May 31, 2016 ZyXEL Launches New Gigabit Layer 2 Managed Switch with 10G Uplink Speed
May 13, 2016 ZyXEL Boosts In-home Wi-Fi Experience with New Home Coverage Solution
April 21, 2016 ZyXEL Powers World’s First OpenStack Application Hackathon
April 18, 2016 ZyXEL Launches New VPN Firewall for Small Businesses and Offices
March 08, 2016 ZyXEL’s Business Wi-Fi AP Garners Awards across Asia, Europe and the U.S.
March 02, 2016 ZyXEL Wireless Solution Makes Museum’s Seamless Wi-Fi a Reality
February 29, 2016 ZyXEL Launches Armor X1 11ac MU-MIMO Wireless Gigabit Range Extender
January 05, 2016 ZyXEL Will Exhibit Gigabit-Generation Wi-Fi Gateways and Home Connectivity Devices for Service Providers at CES 2016
January 04, 2016 ZyXEL Introduces Robust, Affordable 11ac Wi-Fi for Hotels and Offices
December 21, 2015 ZyXEL Brings Personal Cloud to Mobile Devices
December 15, 2015 ZyXEL Debuts Industry's First AV2000 Pass-Through Powerline Adapter
November 09, 2015 ZyXEL Debuts Industry First 11ac Wi-Fi Access Point with Dual-Optimized Antenna
October 27, 2015 ZyXEL Garners 13th Consecutive Best Taiwan Global Brands Award
October 08, 2015 ZyXEL Releases Its ONE Connect Comprehensive Home Network Connectivity Overview Solution
October 01, 2015 ZyXEL Jets Network Management into the Cloud with ZyXEL Cloud Network Center
September 14, 2015 ZyXEL Advances User Experience and Network Management Efficiency with the ZyNOS V4.30
September 04, 2015 ZyXEL to Launch its Flagship ONE Connect Solution for 360º View of Home Networks at Broadband World Forum
September 01, 2015 Ultra Convenient International Connectivity with the ZyXEL WAH7706
August 24, 2015 ZyXEL Lights Up Wi-Fi Blind Spots at Home with Range Extender WRE2206
July 13, 2015 ZyXEL Protects What is Important to You - Your Data with Personal Cloud Storage NAS520
July 10, 2015 ZyXEL Delivers First Multi Ethernet Port Powerline to the 1000Mbps Market
May 14, 2015 ZyXEL Empowers Your Network with ARMOR Z1 Extreme Wi-Fi
May 12, 2015 ZyXEL Expands Its Residential & Enterprise Small Cell Portfolio
May 11, 2015 ZyXEL Next-Gen UTM Receives Stellar Rating from SC Magazine
April 22, 2015 ZyXEL Harvests Five More Taiwan Excellence Awards
April 22, 2015 ZyXEL Awarded ICSA Labs’ 15 Year Excellence in Information Security Testing
March 16, 2015 ZyXEL Enables High-Performance Wi-Fi in High-Density, Interference-Prone Wireless Environments with WAC6500
February 26, 2015 ZyXEL Energizes LTE CPE Market with New LTE Portfolio at MWC 2015
February 12, 2015 ZyXEL Introduces Its All-in-one Connectivity Solution for Small Businesses
February 06, 2015 ZyXEL Transforms Ubiquitous Coverage into Reality at MWC 2015
February 03, 2015 ZyXEL Unveils XS3700-24 10G L2+ Managed Switch
January 09, 2015 ZyXEL Launches a Brand New 10 Gigabit Smart Switch, XS1920-12
January 05, 2015 ZyXEL Multi-Fiber AC2000 Broadband Gateway Awarded CES Innovations 2015 Design and Engineering Honoree
December 17, 2014 Make the World Connect – ZyXEL Recognized as One of 2014’s Best Taiwan Global Brands
December 02, 2014 Exploring the Beauty of Network Integration - A Look Back at the ZyXEL One Network Seminars
November 18, 2014 ZyXEL Now Shipping 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage for Ultimate Storage Convenience, Mobility and Protection
October 22, 2014 ZyXEL One Network – Uniting Wired, Wireless and Network Security Products Under One Powerful, Centralized, Setup and Maintenance Framework
October 21, 2014 ZyXEL Communications - Inspiring Digital Lifestyle at BBWFE2014
October 21, 2014 ZyXEL Communications - Inspiring the Evolution of Access Transformation at BBWFE2014
October 07, 2014 ZyXEL Introduces Next-Generation Unified Security Gateway Ranges, Delivers Best-In-Class Protection for Medium-Sized Businesses
October 06, 2014 ZyXEL Stresses No Shellshock Vulnerability in its Gateways and Broadband & Connectivity Products
October 03, 2014 ZyXEL Releases New Signature to Address Shellshock Vulnerability
October 01, 2014 ZyXEL Inspires the Evolution of Access Transformation and the Digital Lifestyle of the Future
September 23, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert USG 310, 1100 en 1900 Next Generation FireWalls
September 22, 2014 ZyXEL Introduces the First Gigabit Powerline Adapter for Easily Creating Fast, Stable Home Networks for Gaming and Media Streaming
September 17, 2014 ZyXEL Partners with QNAP Systems to Deliver a Smart IP Surveillance Network
September 17, 2014 ZyXEL Certified Network Engineer trainingen op 16 oktober en 6 en 20 november
September 02, 2014 ZyXEL One Network vereenvoudigt IT-beheer voor mkb
August 26, 2014 ZyXEL AP configurator (ZAC) vereenvoudigt beheer access points
August 20, 2014 Skool Automatisering levert aan vijftien Friese basisscholen switches en firewalls
August 13, 2014 Matrix IT zet ZyXEL-switches in voor glasvezeldiensten
July 29, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe GS2210 managed switches
July 21, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe GS1920 web-managed switches
June 11, 2014 ZyXEL USG Next-Generation Firewall biedt MKB complete bescherming
May 08, 2014 ZyXEL biedt next generation firewall voor mkb
May 01, 2014 ZyXEL breidt GS1900 managed switches aanbod uit
April 23, 2014 ZyXEL sluit distributieovereenkomst met Exertis Go Connect
March 31, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert NWA5301-NJ Unified Access Point
March 20, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert NWA1123-AC draadloos access point
March 07, 2014 Third-Party Routers Compromised by Hackers Were Mislabeled as “ZyXEL Networking Operation System”
February 18, 2014 ZyXEL Introduces Innovative LTE Remote Protocol at MWC 2014
February 17, 2014 ZyXEL toont mobiele netwerk LTE innovaties tijdens MWC 2014 Barcelona
January 28, 2014 ZyXEL introduceert UAG4100 Unified Dual-radio Access Gateway
January 24, 2014 ZyXEL shows world´s first UMTS 802.11ac compatible small cell CPE at MWC 2014
January 16, 2014 ZyXEL stelt e92plus als distributeur aan
December 19, 2013 ZyXEL schets netwerk & security trends voor 2014
December 11, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert GS1900 Gigabit Ethernet Switches
December 02, 2013 ZyXEL verkoopt powerline mini ethernet adapters in landelijke doe-het-zelfketen
November 26, 2013 ZyXEL begint inruilactie voor nieuwe ZyWALL VPN Firewall
November 01, 2013 ZyXEL zet resellers in het zonnetje tijdens InfoSecurity beurs
October 21, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert XS3900-48F datacenter switch
October 09, 2013 ZyXEL op InfoSecurity.nl met nieuwste technologie voor Internet of Things
October 09, 2013 ZyXEL enables access transformation and collaborative Smart Home solutions
October 02, 2013 ZyXEL showt Smart Home solutions op Broadband World Forum Europe
August 26, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe serie ZyWALL VPN Firewalls
August 07, 2013 ZyXEL stelt Lex Dukker aan als accountmanager internal sales
July 24, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe reeks VDSL2 gateway wlan producten
July 12, 2013 ZyXEL Launches 802.11ac Adapter Line to Deliver Enhanced
June 20, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert Powerline AV2 Family PLA5000 Ethernet adapters
June 12, 2013 ZyXEL start met online sales trainingen op het gebied van online security, wireless en switching
June 04, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert NXC2500 WLAN Controller met unified access points
May 27, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert SBG3300 wireless gateway voor BYOD
May 22, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert ZyWALL USG100-PLUS security appliance
May 13, 2013 ZyXEL koopt R&D onderdeel Sphairon Technologies
May 07, 2013 ZyXEL levert 80 basisscholen in Friesland nieuwe switches
April 26, 2013 ZyXEL stopt samenwerking met TopIT
April 17, 2013 ZyXEL breidt limited lifetime garantie uit naar zakelijke wireless producten
March 19, 2013 ZyXEL gaat samenwerking aan met ACI Supplies
March 08, 2013 ZyXEL introduceert de PLA4231 500Mbps Powerline Wireless N Extender
February 28, 2013 ZyXEL stelt Oscar Neeter aan als account manager
February 25, 2013 ZyXEL debuteert op Mobile World Congress Barcelona
February 21, 2013 ZyXEL’s New Wireless Gateway Receives VPNC Certification
February 21, 2013 ZyXEL Introduces Access Points with Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint™
February 20, 2013 ZyXEL stelt Compricon aan als Value Added Distributeur
February 18, 2013 ZyXEL joins Alcatel-Lucent’s small cell software licensing program to extend availability of high-quality mobile broadband connections in homes
February 07, 2013 Lantiq and ZyXEL Enable Voice over LTE Functionality on Award Winning Multi-service Gateway
January 16, 2013 ZyXEL USG Firewall bundels zorgen voor complete netwerkbeveiliging
January 09, 2013 Nieuwe ZyXEL firmware vereenvoudigt beheer WLAN apparatuur
November 13, 2012 ZyXEL LTE Gateway Awarded CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree
October 30, 2012 ZyXEL versterkt haar sales team
October 22, 2012 ZyXEL toont nieuwe branchespecifieke oplossingen op InfoSecurity
September 21, 2012 ZyXEL Debuts LTE, VSDL2 Bonding, and 802.11ac Solutions at 2012 Broadband World Forum Europe
September 19, 2012 ZyXEL netwerkadapter maakt snel thuisinternet overal mogelijk
September 05, 2012 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe switches voor het mkb
July 26, 2012 ZyXEL maakt zijn producten geschikt voor IPv6
June 25, 2012 ZyXEL introduceert nieuwe Smart Managed Switches
June 08, 2012 ZyXEL introduceert PLA4201 Mini Ethernet Adapter, energiezuinig met snelheid van 500Mbps
May 22, 2012 Immersive IPTV Experience on Cable-free Networks
March 08, 2012 ZyXEL maakt digitaal entertainment overal in huis beschikbaar
February 29, 2012 ZyXEL biedt toekomstgerichte zakelijke beveiliging
February 23, 2012 Home Entertainment On-the-Go with Personal Cloud
January 20, 2012 Home Entertainment Centre Enriched by ZyXEL Media Server
October 14, 2008 WiMAX Modem / Router with the Launch of Sprint's Commercial XOHM Service| ZyXEL
December 28, 2000 Announces New Internet Security Gateway Product Line -- ZyWALL