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Ransomware. Defend your data.

Defend your data against ransomware

Ransomware. It’s malware that holds your data to ransom. Zyxel helps to protect and defend your devices, so data is kept safe.

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Don’t be held to ransom

Ransomware is malware that exploits security flaws in your network and blocks users from their files and data until a ransom is paid. Attacks are on the rise with the likes of WannaCry and BadRabbit spreading rapidly across the globe and costing businesses millions. Read our guide on how you can protect your business from ransomware.

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A threat to SMBs

Ramsomware is on the rise. The impact of downtime, business interruption and reputation damage cannot be underestimated. Download our infographic to see how ransomware is impacting SMBs.

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Protect against ransomware

There are several security options that protect networks. The Zyxel Unified Security Gateway (USG) series provides comprehensive protection against ransomware and other malware attacks.

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How Zyxel’s Unified Security Gateway series protects your network

Anti-spam blocks unwanted email

Anti-spam is the first line of defence in protecting against ransomware by stopping phishing emails. Harmful messages can be blocked before the recipient ever has a chance to open them.

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Content filters secure web connections

Content filtering cuts ransomware attacks off at their source and stops users from opening unsafe/malicious links in emails. If a link is clicked, the URL is checked against an updated database of malicious sites.

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Anti-virus stops malware-infected files

Anti-virus protects users from being tempted to download malware infected files. Incoming files are scanned for worms, Trojan horses, and malware with protocols such as SMTP and POP3.

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IDP monitors network behaviours

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) constantly monitors networks for abnormal behaviour suspicious connection attempts and backdoor programs.

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Defend your data against ransomware

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Technology to protect against ransomware attacks

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