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Reliable, Secure, and User Friendly Personal Cloud Storage

Fast and reliable performance for productivity

The Zyxel NAS520 is equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and link aggregation. A high performance engine utilizes both Ethernet ports to provide up to 106 MB/sec read and above 85 MB/sec in write. Instantly retrieve data from your mobile devices, backup files, and stream UHD 4K video contents without performance stutter.

Replace hard drives easily with hot-swap

The Zyxel NAS520 hot-swapping enables quick hard drive replacement without shutting down or interruption while the system is in operation.

Bolt free design for quick and easy setup

The bolt free design makes it convenient to install your hard disks into the Zyxel NAS520 without any screwdrivers or other hardware tools.

Access your data from anywhere

Incorporate with myZyxelCloud, Zyxel free Dynamic Domain Name System, to create a personal cloud and access all your digital contents away from your home on your favorite mobile device(s).

Cool, quiet operation

Compared to a typical desktop server system, the Zyxel NAS520 intelligently saves power during low activity to significantly reduce cost on electricity usage. The quiet 90 mm fan cools down the drives inside for better protection from heat damage.

Simple setup and customized interface

Customize it even further with the easy App center to install and update apps of your preference.

Share, view, or stream your favorite contents with zCloud mobile app

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