ZON - The Network Configuration

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We've been quite familiar with wizard in our life these days. Be it a new phone, tab, laptop, desktop, smart TV or any other configurable electronic device. all devices are set up in a menu driven method.f

A software wizard or setup assistant is a user interface type that presents a user with a sequence of dialog boxes that lead the user through a series of well‐defined steps. Tasks that are complex, infrequently performed, or unfamiliar may be easier to perform using a wizard. In contrast, an expert system guides a user through a series of (usually yes/no) questions to solve a problem.

By 2001, wizards had become commonplace in most consfumer‐oriented operating systems, although not always under the name "wizard." In Mac OS X, for example, they are called "assistants"; some examples include the "Setup Assistant," which is run at initial bootup of the Macintosh, and the "Network Setup Assistant," which has a similar function to the MSWindows "New Connection Wizard." GNOME refers to its wizards as "assistants."

But in spite of wizard being such a popular phenomena in ICT & consumer electronics, the communication network vendors have not even thought in this direction. For network equipment manufacturers, it's an unexplored territory. Neither they want to venture into it, so that they are able to keep thier technology proprietary. What an irony?

ZyXEL One Network is a visionary solution which encompasses all devices required to operate a small or medium sized network. It allows them to be addressed, configured, reset, and rebooted centrally, thus saving valuable time, eliminating the burden of repetitive tasks and reducing the total cost of ownership of the network.

ZyXEL One Network has been able to deliver this networking breakthrough thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of advanced business networking solutions that have been designed and engineered exclusively in‐house. This means that unlike competing brands where products often utilize a wide range of incompatible setup tools, ZyXEL has been able to create a fully integrated suite of customer‐focused solutions with complementary and interoperable setup and installation utilities.

The ZyXEL One Network (ZON) Utility, the central element of this transformative solution, heralds the start of a new type of user‐friendly networking with the simplest, most efficient network setup and management interface on the market. It has been designed to accelerate networking tasks, freeing network administrators for more strategic, revenue generating business activities.
This intuitive, centralized user interface has already been incorporated into ZyXEL’s most popular advanced intelligent switches and PoE solutions and will soon be extended to their commercial gateways and security products, allowing them to be located, addressed, rebooted, and have firmware upgraded quickly and efficiently, without the need for direct access or expensive, over‐specified network management tools. It also integrates seamlessly with ZyXEL’s Access Point Configurator (ZAC) Utility enabling centralized configuration of AP settings, including SSID, Security, and Access Management.

The second key element of the solution is ZyXEL Smart Connect, the inter‐device intelligence of ZyXEL products. Smart Connect simplifies network maintenance and troubleshooting, by allowing auto‐discovery of neighboring devices, remote viewing of their management interface, and power cycling as well as remote factory reset.

The labor‐saving remote power cycle facility can also be extended to most LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) enabled devices from any manufacturer, and is particularly powerful when used with ZyXEL’s extensive range of PoE‐enabled switches, where it gives an instant reading of power usage per port, and allows powered devices to be rebooted remotely.

The third element of the ZyXEL One Network experience centers around the integration of ZyXEL AP Controller technology into ZyXEL’s extensive commercial Gateway range, including their industry leading Next‐Gen USG, and their powerful and popular ZyWALL firewalls, UAG and SBG ranges. This integration ensures affordable, scalable licenced‐based AP management, simplifying Wi‐Fi Setup and expansion and reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by reducing the number of devices that need to be purchased and configured. ZyXEL’s ground‐breaking pairing of these three powerful core elements with their comprehensive, well established, and innovative range of networking products is a product of ZyXEL’s vision to provide customers with a truly integrated network experience, a direct consequence of more than twenty‐five years of customer‐focused innovation. The enhanced and streamlined user‐experience delivered by the ZyXEL One Network further establishes ZyXEL as the leading brand for customer‐focused, advanced SMB Networking Solutions.

Contributed by ZyIN.