Privacy, Confidentiality, Concealment and Internet

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The right to privacy is a human right and an element of various legal traditions which may restrain both government and private party action that threatens the privacy of individuals, but we are voluntarily compromising that now a days – so what’s the way out?

Remember the 1996 Block buster, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Eraser”? It was a hit world over, and did business worth over 200 million USD. It had a very interesting plot on identity privacy. John Kruger was a U.S. Marshal (Arnold), working for the Witness Security Protection Program (WITSEC) specializing in "erasing" high‐profile witnesses, faking their deaths to keep them safe from those who may wish to silence them.

Another interesting plot and a blockbuster came 2 years later, a Will Smith Starrer came in 1998 called “Enemy of the State”. Now this one was again on personal privacy subject, but in a different genre. This grossed over 250 million USD collection on box office.

Movies are surely larger than life depiction of what all is a possibility. And when it stars likes of Arnold & Will Smith, the plot has got to be huge, but believable at the same time. But that was all in BSM era – “Before Social Media” Era.

ASM – After Social Media, now we all have our personal information voluntarily shared online on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, and many more such social networking sites. This definitely is bridging the social gap out of our busy lives, now we are able to update our close ones on our plans, visits, holidays, recent happenings, achievements, joys, sorrows, upload photographs, share ideas and so on, but at the same time, this makes our privacy vulnerable to online threats of security.

Many threats are possible due to making of these personal stuff available on a public cloud of social networking sites and many people have written numerous articles on these possibilities, which are available on the internet; following are a few that I could go through:

Everyone have their own ways of tackling with the problem and their own work around for resolving the problem too. But let’s get on to the root cause – why does it happen?

It happens, because your private data is there on the public cloud – SIMPLE.
So what’s the way out? – Again SIMPLE – a PRIVATE cloud.

And for creation of a private cloud, off course, we don’t have to get into searching for a data center for hosting our personal cloud, it’s now as simple as buying and installing a new laptop or a smart phone. That’s what we call as a media storage server. So what does it do for you?

Following are the most common usage of the media storage server:

  • Organizes media, photo, music and backups in one centralized location
  • Hybrid cloud solution offers remote backups and downloads everywhere
  • Streams multiple HD media on DLNA ‐enabled devices or AirPlay* streaming applications so that you can watch it on your TV or larger displays.
  • Organizes, media library with the built‐in media server, syncing your iPhone, iPad & Macbook, without even a click.
  • Enables you to access your personal cloud from any mobile devices with apps.
  • Reduce power consumption with power scheduling and hibernation functions.

So just keep your stuff on your personal cloud at your home / office and permit the access, only to the desired people. Simple.

ZyXEL has got a complete range of these media servers called the NSA series, wherein, depending upon your need you can have 1‐bay to 4‐bay kind of storage, ranging from 2 terabytes till about 16 terabytes+.

Contributed by ZyIN.