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Multy Pro Solution

Multy Pro Solution

Zyxel's managed WiFi system is an advanced, integrated system of hardware, software and a mobile self-help app to enable service providers design the perfect managed WiFi service. With the right combination of performance, management and pricing, Multy Pro system enables service providers deploy profitable services, recurring revenue and lasting customer satisfaction.

The main components include of Multy Pro WiFi System include:

Multy Pro App

A self-help tool designed for subscribers that will enable them to:

  • View all the networked devices
  • Change WiFi network name and password
  • Enable guest WiFi network
  • Allow, block or schedule internet access on any client devices
  • Easily add and configure WiFi extenders to create a single whole-home WiFi network


Technology for high-performance whole-home WiFi using WiFi gateway and extenders.

Key features include:

  • Auto-configuration
  • Single WiFi network covering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Band steering
  • Seamless client roaming
  • Exceptional quality of experience (QoE)

Overall Superior quality of experience for premium services on all different WiFi clients.

Remote Management

Remote devices & services management using TR-069 and TR-181 standards for extensive diagnostics features for quick issue resolution resulting in fewer truck-rolls and improved customer satisfaction.

Extensive Product Portfolio

A range of wireless gateways, access points and extenders for multiple home scenarios offering service providers the flexibility in solution selection resulting in price and performance differentiation.


Service Subscribers

Corner to corner whole home coverage.

A single WiFi network covering both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.

Optimized performance for mobility and video applications.

Self-help mobile app for subscribers to access passwords, Guest WiFi and parental control.

Seamless Roaming-Band steering and Client Steering for seamless mobility everywhere in the house.

Service Providers

Generate recurring revenue

Analytics on network performance and user behavior for upsell opportunities

Extensive TR-181 management features for quicker issue resolution and better customer satisfaction

Reduce churn and keep customers happy

Fewer truck-rolls resulting in support cost savings

Products & App

Residential Gateways

Dual-Band Wireless AC/N
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Wireless AC
Access Point
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Multy Pro
Mobile App

Zyxel Multy Pro Managed WiFi Solution App Demo


Describe how users can choose or purchase WAP to extend the WiFi coverage.

MORE THAN 4000 sq ft home

A large house with 3 bedrooms or more, multi-floor, front and back yard, etc. With 15 and more WiFi devices.

2000 ~ 4000 sq ft home

The whole family can have streaming videos, gaming, surfing, and calling all at the same time?

LESS THAN 2000 sq ft home

A studio flat or 1 to 3 rooms with 900~1200 square feet in average, with resident from 1 to 4, probably 12 WiFi devices


Multy Pro
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