B.R.A.I.N.S.- Building Redundant Automated, Intelligent Networks System

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Why BRAINS? BRAINs adds brain to the building and converts a normal passive building into a SMART building—SAFE, MANAGED, AUTOMATED, RESOURCEFUL & TRAINED. A smart building is the building block for a SMART community/complex/society/area/township or a SMART CITY. The more intelligence we build into the things or IOT (Internet of things) the SMARTer we get. The decision making,management and disaster recovery becomes easier. So let's build SMARTer world with BRAINS.

BRAINS - Building Redundant Automated, Intelligent Networks System

As the name suggests, is an integrated system for all the buildings with an in-built artificial intelligence based on the principles & technology of IP (Internet Protocol) as the communication backbone and SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) using PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), various kind of analogue sensors, RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and DCSs (Distributed Control Systems). It is like the concept of IOTs (Internet of Things).

The idea of BRAINS is to work out of sight with no impact on the occupant of the building. When a person, be it man, woman or child enters a building with BRAINS control they will encounter a comfortable environment at the correct temperature and clean air as he or she moves through the building space. These individuals will probably never consider how this environment is maintained.

The BRAINS as we call it, is the same thing but with great emphasis now being place on the energy “E” component due to the current economic climate and commercial energy costs.

The modern age buildings are no more just a civil construction jobs. Today the buildings have to be green, eco-friendly, energy efficient and working towards reducing the carbon footprints of the organisation.

Today’s buildings need a lot of management, supervision, facilities and controls. With the advent of technology, today we have a possibility of integrating the following functions in the same network; turning the buildings into a SMART buildings;

  1. Fire safety, alarm systems
  2. Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  3. Elevators and escalators
  4. Access control systems
  5. Lighting management as per occupancy & timings
  6. Energy & utility management & smart metering systems
  7. Security & surveillance system
  8. Water & pump management system
  9. Public announcement system
  10. Paging system
  11. Power backup system, maintenance & management
  12. Parking system
  13. IT, TV & Telecom system

When all the above functionalities are terminated on one single network, which is;

  1. Scalable
  2. Highly available
  3. Redundant
  4. Easily manageable
  5. Secured
  6. Converged with Penta-Play capabilities (voice, video*, data, wireless & automation)
  7. Interoperable & Intelligent

*: Video Communication, Television & Video Surveillance

The building turns into a SMART building—SAFE, MANAGED, AUTOMATED, RESOURCEFUL & TRAINED.

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