12-04-2021 Zyxel Nebula adds firewall to deliver most comprehensive cloud networking solution for SMBs
15-03-2021 Zyxel partners with AV manufacturer WyreStorm to offer powerful end-to-end AV over IP solution
23-02-2021 Zyxel introduces new multigigabit switch for home-based professionals and content creators
08-02-2021 Zyxel teams up with Tiller for mobile point-of-sale system partnership
08-12-2020 Zyxel teams up with IC design leader ASPEED to offer powerful end-to-end AV-over-IP solution
26-11-2020 Zyxel leaves Taiwan Excellence Awards as networking industry’s biggest winner
18-11-2020 Zyxel is only networking company named among Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020
04-11-2020 Zyxel supports over-stretched and under-resourced SMBs with an enhanced security firewall portfolio
30-09-2020 Zyxel’s Armor G5 router unleashes full power of WiFi 6 for home users
08-09-2020 Zyxel partners with professional audio and video solution provider ATEN to offer powerful end-to-end AV-over-IP solution
31-08-2020 Zyxel high-power LTE-A outdoor router receives OnGo certification
18-08-2020 Zyxel Networks develops most comprehensive WiFi 6 AP portfolio for SMB market
06-07-2020 Zyxel debuts industry’s first tri-mode management in new hybrid switch
30-06-2020 Zyxel simplifies WiFi security, opens up Nebula API to build a cloud networking ecosystem with partners
24-06-2020 Zyxel unlocks 5G potential with performance-oriented 5G NR Outdoor Router
01-06-2020 Zyxel prepares SMBs for the post-pandemic new normal with a new range of firewalls
26-05-2020 Zyxel Launches 5G NR Fixed Wireless Access Portfolio
25-05-2020 Zyxel launches industry’s first five-color LED smart managed switch to help businesses adopt WiFi 6 standard with ease
20-05-2020 Zyxel Communications and Solutions 30 connect Spanish students to online education
13-05-2020 Zyxel boosts network capacity with the next-gen 10G PON end-to-end solutions
11-05-2020 Zyxel extends SD-WAN OS remote network management capabilities, to support growth in homeworking
30-04-2020 Zyxel partners with B4RN to bring high-speed internet to rural UK schools
27-04-2020 Zyxel partners with McAfee to provide robust one-box security solution to small- and medium-sized businesses
27-03-2020 Zyxel is offering tech help to support working from home
12-03-2020 Get Selects Zyxel WiFi 6 Router to Provide Superior Subscriber WiFi Experience
25-02-2020 Zyxel joins elite ranks with 20-Year Award for security from ICSA Labs
11-02-2020 Zyxel brings 10G LAN to home/SOHO networks
22-01-2020 Businesses receive boost to security with Zyxel’s latest VPN solution
13-01-2020 Zyxel Nebula unveils next-gen UI with sleek dashboard and more powerful features
07-01-2020 Zyxel to showcase 5G/LTE and 10G broadband, WiFi 6 and cyber-security solutions for service providers at CES 2020
06-01-2020 Zyxel announces new VP of Global Sales and Marketing
27-11-2019 Strength in security sees Zyxel achieve multiple accolades at the Taiwan Excellence Awards
19-11-2019 Zyxel wins two CES 2020 Innovations Awards for WiFi 6 and 5G LTE solutions
24-10-2019 Savvy small business owners can now take control of their cybersecurity with Zyxel’s advanced new firewall
22-10-2019 WiFi 6 technology helps schools to unleash digital potential
07-10-2019 Visual threat analysis service helps simplify complex and time-intensive business network monitoring
02-10-2019 BBWF2019: Zyxel to deliver multi-gig experience with new WiFi 6, 10G PON and Managed WiFi solutions
10-09-2019 Zyxel introduces AiShield, delivering threat protection for home and small office networks
02-09-2019 Zyxel’s new PoE surveillance switches unlock future IoT business opportunities
26-08-2019 Zyxel introduces IP Reputation Filter for robust, real-time network security
16-08-2019 “Go 30, Beyond Possibility”: Zyxel celebrates three decades of innovation
16-07-2019 Zyxel’s high-performing ZyWALL VPN firewalls validated by Microsoft Azure
25-06-2019 Zyxel welcomes six APs into Nebula’s feature-infused cloud family
19-06-2019 Zyxel’s latest switches praised by powerful US and Russian IT outlets
17-06-2019 Nebula harnesses power of machine learning to deliver the future of hotel services
21-05-2019 Zyxel ready with 5G samples in August 2019
13-05-2019 Zyxel access points lauded for outstanding performance and innovation
10-04-2019 KFC Belarus deploys Zyxel wireless network to deliver superior WiFi experience to customers
25-03-2019 Zyxel’s Nebula SD-WAN achieves bandwidth breakthrough for SMBs
18-03-2019 Zyxel’s Multy U wins 2019 iF DESIGN AWARD
04-03-2019 Zyxel expands and strengthens Multy X mesh tech with the agile Multy Mini
18-02-2019 Zyxel revolutionizes campus and SME networks with XS3800-28 aggregation switch
06-02-2019 MWC 2019: Zyxel unveils industry’s first high-end LTE Cat. 18 routers and In-Building Repeater Hub Solution
21-01-2019 Zyxel unveils Cloud Query service for ATP firewalls to catch malware before it can spread
16-01-2019 Zyxel introduces mesh WiFi solution tailored to younger users
15-01-2019 Zyxel expands Nebula range to provide businesses with even greater flexibility and power
09-01-2019 Zyxel to debut and demo high-speed broadband solutions designed to expand reach and revenue for service providers at CES 2019
11-12-2018 Zyxel named among TOP-5 network equipment vendors in Russia
10-12-2018 Zyxel unveils plug-and-play PoE+ switches for small businesses
14-11-2018 Zyxel named a finalist in the 2018 CRN Tech Innovator Awards
09-11-2018 WiFi Mesh Network powers Zyxel to 2019 Taiwan Excellence Awards
17-10-2018 Zyxel unveils brand-new Nebula SD-WAN
15-10-2018 Zyxel unveils the ultimate network security analysis service—and it can fit in your pocket
02-10-2018 Broadband World Forum 2018: Zyxel to unveil next-generation broadband solutions
27-09-2018 Zyxel’s new small business mesh WiFi puts top grade security in the palm of your hand
17-09-2018 Zyxel's new ATP firewall uses the cloud to make cutting-edge cybersecurity simple for SMBs
03-09-2018 Zyxel raises the bar for outdoor APs with a smarter antenna and tougher build
25-06-2018 Zyxel is now offering basic cloud network management for $0 a year
11-06-2018 Zyxel’s new access point gives you wired and wireless Gigabit connectivity
06-06-2018 Zyxel’s new repeater comes with an app to let any home user wipe out dead spots like a pro
04-06-2018 ZyWALL firewall series joins elite club with Common Criteria certification
30-05-2018 Zyxel partners with Bitdefender to bolster industry-leading ZyWALL family of security solutions
21-05-2018 Zyxel launches Multy Pro, a Whole-Home Managed WiFi Solution for carrier WiFi services
11-04-2018 Zyxel partners with Enea to enhance application visibility for security solutions
26-03-2018 Zyxel’s new SOHO gigabit switches merge power with simplicity in connecting office and home gears
07-02-2018 Zyxel expands in-building offering ahead of Mobile World Congress 2018
05-02-2018 Zyxel introduces NebulaFlexTM for access points, paves a flexible way to the cloud for everyone
29-01-2018 Zyxel introduces all-in-one connectivity for security-conscious small businesses
22-01-2018 New ZyWALL VPN series boosts security for growing businesses
10-01-2018 Zyxel to Showcase Giga-Next Broadband Solutions and MeshIQTM Whole-Home WiFi Ecosystem of Products at CES 2018
09-01-2018 Zyxel to showcase new high-performance networking solutions for consumers and businesses at ShowStoppers @ CES 2018
06-12-2017 Zyxel Multy X wins Silver Award at Taiwan Excellence Awards
27-11-2017 Zyxel tackles 11ac Wave 2 WiFi challenges with new wireless access points
06-11-2017 Zyxel launches gigabit Layer-3 fiber switch XGS4600-52F
09-10-2017 Zyxel to show Managed WiFi Solution for service providers at Broadband World Forum 2017
02-10-2017 Zyxel Multy X delivers fast, reliable WiFi coverage throughout the home
18-09-2017 Zyxel introduces whole-home WiFi mesh solution
30-06-2017 Zyxel enables whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with ONE Connect solution
26-06-2017 Zyxel expands Nebula range, offers SMBs more flexibility to move networking into cloud
26-04-2017 Zyxel launches premium VPN firewall to safeguard multi-site, growing businesses
10-04-2017 Zyxel introduces 11ac access point for SOHO and small businesses
27-03-2017 Zyxel introduces Aurora Camera – capture the moment, bring to light
16-02-2017 Zyxel wins Taiwan Excellence Awards for 12 consecutive years
15-02-2017 MWC 2017: Zyxel to debut new premium LTE indoor gateway LTE5366
19-01-2017 Zyxel to showcase new heights of mobility and flexibility at Mobile World Congress 2017
16-01-2017 Zyxel introduces smart trouble-free Wi-Fi for hotels and campuses
09-01-2017 Zyxel introduces premium switch series for bandwidth-sensitive deployments
29-11-2016 Zyxel wins Taiwan Top 20 global brands recognition for 14th straight year
28-11-2016 Boost home Wi-Fi with small, portable Zyxel Wi-Fi extenders
21-11-2016 Zyxel launches PLA5236 to fill dead corners with Wi-Fi
07-11-2016 Zyxel launches Nebula cloud networking solution
06-10-2016 Zyxel to Demonstrate Wi-Fi Excellence at Broadband World Forum 2016
05-09-2016 Meet “Your Networking Ally”: Zyxel launches rebranding campaign
16-08-2016 ZyXEL launches new security firmware to fortify network defenses
06-07-2016 ZyXEL’s new PoE switch cuts network complexity for small offices
23-06-2016 ZyXEL pushes gaming and streaming boundaries with new Armor Z2 router
20-06-2016 Smart antenna key to overcoming the ultimate Wi-Fi challenge
02-06-2016 ZyXEL Showcases Latest LTE Devices at 5G World 2016
31-05-2016 ZyXEL Launches New Gigabit Layer 2 Managed Switch with 10G Uplink Speed
13-05-2016 ZyXEL Boosts In-home Wi-Fi Experience with New Home Coverage Solution
10-05-2016 Turkish Hotel Group Chooses ZyXEL Solutions to Connect Five Hotels and Thousands of Guest Rooms
25-04-2016 ZyXEL Scores with Taiwan Excellence Awards 2016
21-04-2016 ZyXEL Powers World’s First OpenStack Application Hackathon
18-04-2016 ZyXEL Launches New VPN Firewall for Small Businesses and Offices
08-03-2016 ZyXEL’s Business Wi-Fi AP Garners Awards across Asia, Europe and the U.S.
02-03-2016 ZyXEL Wireless Solution Makes Museum’s Seamless Wi-Fi a Reality
29-02-2016 ZyXEL Launches Armor X1 11ac MU-MIMO Wireless Gigabit Range Extender
29-01-2016 ZyXEL Makes Cloud an Everywhere Hard Drive
27-01-2016 ZyXEL Unveils First LTE Cat.6 HomeSpot Router at MWC 2016
05-01-2016 ZyXEL Will Exhibit Gigabit-Generation Wi-Fi Gateways and Home Connectivity Devices for Service Providers at CES 2016
04-01-2016 ZyXEL Introduces Robust, Affordable 11ac Wi-Fi for Hotels and Offices
21-12-2015 ZyXEL Brings Personal Cloud to Mobile Devices
15-12-2015 ZyXEL Debuts Industry's First AV2000 Pass-Through Powerline Adapter
11-12-2015 ZyXEL's WAC6503D-S Named a 2015 CRN®Product of the Year
19-11-2015 Extend Broadband Connectivity to Remote Locations with ZyXEL Outdoor 4G Router
18-11-2015 All-in-One Connectivity for Small Businesses with the ZyXEL SBG3600-N
09-11-2015 ZyXEL Debuts Industry First 11ac Wi-Fi Access Point with Dual-Optimized Antenna
27-10-2015 ZyXEL Garners 13th Consecutive Best Taiwan Global Brands Award
08-10-2015 ZyXEL Releases Its ONE Connect Comprehensive Home Network Connectivity Overview Solution
01-10-2015 ZyXEL Jets Network Management into the Cloud with ZyXEL Cloud Network Center
14-09-2015 ZyXEL Advances User Experience and Network Management Efficiency with the ZyNOS V4.30
04-09-2015 ZyXEL to Launch its Flagship ONE Connect Solution for 360º View of Home Networks at Broadband World Forum
01-09-2015 Ultra Convenient International Connectivity with the ZyXEL WAH7706
24-08-2015 ZyXEL Lights Up Wi-Fi Blind Spots at Home with Range Extender WRE2206
03-08-2015 ZyXEL Speeds up Home Entertainment with the 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless Router NBG6515
13-07-2015 ZyXEL Protects What is Important to You - Your Data with Personal Cloud Storage NAS520
10-07-2015 ZyXEL Delivers First Multi Ethernet Port Powerline to the 1000Mbps Market
14-05-2015 ZyXEL Empowers Your Network with ARMOR Z1 Extreme Wi-Fi
12-05-2015 ZyXEL Expands Its Residential & Enterprise Small Cell Portfolio
11-05-2015 ZyXEL Next-Gen UTM Receives Stellar Rating from SC Magazine
27-04-2015 ZyXEL Elevates User Experience with the New ZyXEL Support Center
22-04-2015 ZyXEL Awarded ICSA Labs’ 15 Year Excellence in Information Security Testing
22-04-2015 ZyXEL Harvests Five More Taiwan Excellence Awards
16-03-2015 ZyXEL Enables High-Performance Wi-Fi in High-Density, Interference-Prone Wireless Environments with WAC6500
26-02-2015 ZyXEL Energizes LTE CPE Market with New LTE Portfolio at MWC 2015
12-02-2015 ZyXEL Introduces Its All-in-one Connectivity Solution for Small Businesses
06-02-2015 ZyXEL Transforms Ubiquitous Coverage into Reality at MWC 2015
03-02-2015 ZyXEL Unveils XS3700-24 10G L2+ Managed Switch
09-01-2015 ZyXEL Launches a Brand New 10 Gigabit Smart Switch, XS1920-12
05-01-2015 ZyXEL Multi-Fiber AC2000 Broadband Gateway Awarded CES Innovations 2015 Design and Engineering Honoree
17-12-2014 Make the World Connect – ZyXEL Recognized as One of 2014’s Best Taiwan Global Brands
02-12-2014 Exploring the Beauty of Network Integration - A Look Back at the ZyXEL One Network Seminars
18-11-2014 ZyXEL Now Shipping 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage for Ultimate Storage Convenience, Mobility and Protection
22-10-2014 ZyXEL One Network – Uniting Wired, Wireless and Network Security Products Under One Powerful, Centralized, Setup and Maintenance Framework
21-10-2014 ZyXEL Communications - Inspiring Digital Lifestyle at BBWFE2014
21-10-2014 ZyXEL Communications - Inspiring the Evolution of Access Transformation at BBWFE2014
07-10-2014 ZyXEL Introduces Next-Generation Unified Security Gateway Ranges, Delivers Best-In-Class Protection for Medium-Sized Businesses
06-10-2014 ZyXEL Stresses No Shellshock Vulnerability in its Gateways and Broadband & Connectivity Products
03-10-2014 ZyXEL Releases New Signature to Address Shellshock Vulnerability
01-10-2014 ZyXEL Inspires the Evolution of Access Transformation and the Digital Lifestyle of the Future
22-09-2014 ZyXEL Introduces the First Gigabit Powerline Adapter for Easily Creating Fast, Stable Home Networks for Gaming and Media Streaming
17-09-2014 ZyXEL Partners with QNAP Systems to Deliver a Smart IP Surveillance Network
17-09-2014 ZyXEL Integrates Kaspersky Lab’s Technologies into Next-Generation UTM Firewalls
12-09-2014 ZyXEL Introduces Complete UAG Series of Public Internet Access Gateways for Hospitality Venues
27-08-2014 ZyXEL One Network – Efficient Unified Network Device Installation and Maintenance Revolutionizes Network Administration for SMBs
11-08-2014 ZyXEL Launches User-Friendly Dual-Band 11ac Media Router
13-06-2014 ZyXEL Debuts High-performance Public Internet Access Gateway for Hospitality Venues
05-06-2014 ZyXEL Next-Generation UTM Firewalls Accelerate Security for SMB
06-05-2014 ZyXEL’s Intelligent WLAN Controllers Provide Non-stop and Worry-free Wi-Fi Service
16-04-2014 No Heartbleed Vulnerability in ZyXEL Business Solutions, and DSL CPE products
24-03-2014 ZyXEL’s Intelligent Layer 2 Switch Solution Is Ideal for Converged Data, Video and Voice Networking
07-03-2014 Third-Party Routers Compromised by Hackers Were Mislabeled as “ZyXEL Networking Operation System”
24-02-2014 ZyXEL’s Unified Access Point Integrates Modern In-room Services for the Hospitality Industry
18-02-2014 ZyXEL Introduces Innovative LTE Remote Protocol at MWC 2014
24-01-2014 ZyXEL shows world´s first UMTS 802.11ac compatible small cell CPE at MWC 2014
25-12-2013 Green ZyXEL Obtains ISO50001 and ISO14006
29-11-2013 ZyXEL Recognized as 2013 Top Taiwan Global Brand
22-11-2013 ZyXEL ranked the First GEPON Brand in India
09-10-2013 ZyXEL enables access transformation and collaborative Smart Home solutions
08-10-2013 ZyXEL Launches Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Gateway EMG2306-R10A
04-10-2013 ZyXEL Launches UAG4100 Unified Dual-radio Access Gateway
17-09-2013 ZyXEL Introduces Smart Managed Switches for Gigabit Connectivity
12-08-2013 ZyXEL’s New ZyWALL Series Deliver Ultra-Fast Throughput for Best-in-Class VPN and Firewall Performance
12-07-2013 ZyXEL Launches 802.11ac Adapter Line to Deliver Enhanced
09-07-2013 ZyXEL Leads Industry on DSL Broadband Technology
10-06-2013 ZyXEL Launches 802.11ac Home Router
10-06-2013 ZyXEL Introduces Network Switching Solution with Rich Features
03-06-2013 ZyXEL Introduces New All-in-one WLAN Controller
31-05-2013 ZyXEL Introduces New Powerline Family with Superior Performance
31-05-2013 Enabling Instant Internet Connectivity at Home
13-05-2013 ZyXEL Introduces New Wireless Access Points
07-05-2013 ZyXEL Communications strengthens its appeal to European service providers with acquisition of Sphairon Technologies
21-02-2013 ZyXEL’s New Wireless Gateway Receives VPNC Certification
21-02-2013 ZyXEL Introduces Access Points with Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint™
18-02-2013 ZyXEL joins Alcatel-Lucent’s small cell software licensing program to extend availability of high-quality mobile broadband connections in homes
18-02-2013 ZyXEL Makes Debut at Mobile World Congress in Spain
07-02-2013 Lantiq and ZyXEL Enable Voice over LTE Functionality on Award Winning Multi-service Gateway
31-01-2013 ZyXEL’s Fast Ethernet Switches Elevate User Experience
31-01-2013 ZyXEL Introduces Full DLNA-compatible Wireless Media Router
14-01-2013 ZyXEL Selects Sigma Designs’ Next-generation G.hn Chipset
14-01-2013 ZyXEL Introduces Wireless Powerline Extender
03-01-2013 ZyXEL Receives “Taiwan Excellence” Recognition
26-12-2012 ZyXEL Debuts Mini-Compact Travel Router
26-12-2012 ZyXEL Wireless USB Adapter for Instant Wireless Connection
21-11-2012 ZyXEL Liberates Media Streaming at Home
13-11-2012 ZyXEL LTE Gateway Awarded CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honouree
17-10-2012 ZyXEL Evolves Wireless Connectivity for Commercial Deployments
25-09-2012 ZyXEL Tops as One of Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands in 2012
25-09-2012 ZyXEL Debuts LTE, VSDL2 Bonding, and 802.11ac Solutions at 2012 Broadband World Forum Europe
07-09-2012 ZyXEL Introduces Another High Performance Mini Powerline Product
07-09-2012 ZyXEL Introduces Advanced Wireless Access Point
03-09-2012 ZyXEL Launches New Unified Internet Access Gateways
03-08-2012 ZyXEL Launches a New Wireless Range Extender
09-07-2012 ZyXEL Launches Smart Managed Switches
22-05-2012 Immersive IPTV Experience on Cable-free Networks
22-05-2012 ZyXEL Ready with IPv6 Internet Products and Solutions
07-05-2012 ZyXEL Introduces High Speed Mini Powerline Product
04-05-2012 Hurdle-free Home Multimedia Streaming and Sharing
09-04-2012 ZyXEL Enables Wireless Coverage Beyond
09-04-2012 ZyXEL Launches High-performance Gigabit Ethernet Media Switch
30-03-2012 ZyXEL Ranks as 24th most Competitive Company Among Asia’s Top 300
29-02-2012 ZyXEL Enables Smart Home with Dynamic Architecture
23-02-2012 Home Entertainment On-the-Go with Personal Cloud
17-02-2012 ZyXEL Enables Future-proven Enterprise Security
15-02-2012 ZyXEL Presents Leading-edge Internet Solutions at CeBIT 2012
20-01-2012 Home Entertainment Centre Enriched by ZyXEL Media Server
18-01-2012 ZyXEL Enhances Network Switching with IPv6-certified Software
09-01-2012 ZyXEL Brings Ubiquitous Digital Joy to Homes
28-12-2011 ZyXEL Recognized as “Taiwan Excellence”
30-11-2011 ZyXEL Introduces Complete HD Powerline Products
24-11-2011 ZyXEL Provides Best-in-Class Wireless Solutions to Enable Seamless Wire/Wireless Connection for Business Communication
23-09-2011 ZyXEL Launches Industry-First Enterprise-class Green Integrated Service Gateway
21-09-2011 ZyXEL In '2011 Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands' Again
21-09-2011 ZyXEL Highlights Multi-Service Solutions at 2011 Broadband World Forum Europe
21-09-2011 ZyXEL Partners with snom for End-to-End VoIP Solution for Small and Mid-Size Businesses
30-08-2011 ZyXEL Demonstrates Green Initiative at IFA Berlin 2011
22-08-2011 ZyXEL Presents Digital Home Solutions to Enable Multimedia Entertaining Experiences
16-08-2011 Mr. Gordon Yang as the New President of ZyXEL Communications
15-08-2011 ZyXEL Introduces 450 Mbps Dual-Band Media Router for Digital Home
15-08-2011 ZyXEL’s High Performance Set-Top-Box Helps Service Providers to Explore More Business and Opportunities
18-07-2011 ZyXEL’s New Home Storage Is Shortlisted by InfoVision Awards
21-06-2011 ZyXEL Empowers IT Professionals with Resourceful Networking Knowledge & Education
01-06-2011 ZyXEL Showcases Advanced Networking Solutions at Computex Taipei 2011
30-05-2011 ZyXEL Introduces Feature-Rich 802.11n Enabled WLAN Access Points
24-05-2011 ZyXEL Provides A Wide Range of IPv6 Compliant Products and Solutions
24-05-2011 Head in the clouds
24-05-2011 ZyXEL Presents Digital Home Solutions for 2011 ‘Taiwan Excellence’ Campaign in India, Indonesia and Vietnam
30-03-2011 ZyXEL Provides A Wide Range of IPv6 Compliant Products and Solutions
24-02-2011 ZyXEL Introduces New Home Router to Make Digital Life Easier
22-02-2011 ZyXEL Presents Multi-Service Solutions at CeBIT 2011
14-02-2011 ZyXEL Launches New Design for Corporate Website
28-12-2010 ZyXEL Products Once Again Win Recognition of \"Taiwan Excellence\"
02-12-2010 ZyXEL Announces Value-added Gigabit Web-managed Switches GS1510 Series for Small Businesses
18-10-2010 ZyXEL Introduces New Service-on-Demand Solutions at the Broadband World Forum 2010
11-10-2010 ZyXEL Announces the World's First Carbon Footprint Verification on its VDSL2 CPE Product
14-09-2010 ZyXEL Honored \"Top Taiwan Global Brands 2010\" Again for Eight Consecutive Years
01-09-2010 Big Security for Small Businesses
30-08-2010 ZyXEL's VDSL2 Switch Named as a Finalist of 2010 InfoVision Award for Its Green Solutions
27-08-2010 ZyXEL Business WLAN Controller System, NXC5200 and NWA5160N Provides 11n Performance and Solid Protection for Mobility
26-08-2010 ZyXEL Integrates Ekahau Site Survey Tool for Wi-Fi Equipments
05-08-2010 ZyXEL Leads in Green Technology with the World's First Green Firewall Products
15-07-2010 ZyXEL, the World's First Vendor to Obtain IPv6 Ready Logo Phase II for VDSL2 Switches and CPE/IAD Products
13-07-2010 ZyXEL Introduces A More User-Friendly Media Server for Home Entertainment
01-07-2010 ZyXEL Among the First to be Granted a Carbon Footprint Label in Taiwan
18-06-2010 ZyXEL Joins the \"Taiwan Excellence\" Campaign in Three Emerging Markets
11-05-2010 ZyXEL Announces N4100, World's First 11n Hotspot Gateway for Hospitality Services
06-05-2010 ACTi and ZyXEL Showcase PoE Switches for IP Camera Surveillance
13-04-2010 TDC Selects ZyXEL Home Disk Product to Provide Advanced Home Entertainment Solutions
12-04-2010 ZyXEL Introduces the Latest WiMAX Solution in WiMAX Forum Congress Asia 2010
31-03-2010 ZyXEL Announces FSG2200HNU ALL-in-one Active Fiber Gigabit IAD for FTTH Triple-play Services
22-03-2010 ZyXEL Wins CHT's VDSL2 Equipment Tender for Five Consecutive Years
10-03-2010 More Than an Update - ZyXEL Announces New ZyWALL ZLD v2.20 Firmware for Unified Security Gateway Product Series
01-03-2010 ZyXEL Communications Joins the Panasonic Solution Developer Network
22-02-2010 ACTi and ZyXEL Announce Alliance Partnership for IP Surveillance System
12-02-2010 ZyXEL Expands Green Technologies with Green Product Series at CeBIT 2010
11-02-2010 ZyXEL Presents Future-proof Products and Solutions with \"Connecting the Future\" Theme at CeBIT 2010
18-12-2009 ZyXEL Announces Compliance of European Union's EuP Directive Requirements
08-12-2009 ZyXEL Joins Extreme Networks Go Purple Partner Program to Jointly Promote Interoperable Carrier Ethernet Solutions
03-11-2009 ZyXEL Named to Taiwan's Top Ten Global Brands list for Seven Consecutive Year
23-10-2009 \"... and the Winner is\" : ZyXEL Announces Winner of \"Oldest Product\" Competition
21-10-2009 ZyXEL to Demonstrate the Latest Fiber and WiMAX Solutions in 2009 Broadband Taiwan
21-10-2009 ZyXEL Announces Its 802.11n Products Comply to the Final IEEE 802.11n Standard
04-09-2009 ZyXEL Multi-Service Gateway Named as Finalist of Infovision Award for Its New Technical Design Concept
31-08-2009 ZyXEL Showcases its Next Generation Multi-service Product to Enable Service Providers to Profit through Differentiation at BBWFE 2009
19-08-2009 Happy Birthday ZyXEL!
18-05-2009 ZyXEL Unveils N-lite Wireless Solution for High Speed Performance in a Cost- Effective Way
14-04-2009 ZyXEL NSA-220 Plus Receives Network Attached Storage DLNA 1.5 Certification
11-03-2009 ZyXEL Recognized by Global Views Monthly as 1st Place in CSR Awards
25-02-2009 ZyXEL Announces Availability of NSA-2401, Advanced Network Storage Appliance for Small Businesses
23-02-2009 ZyXEL Corporation Celebrates 20th Anniversary as Competitive Network Solutions Leader at Cebit 2009
18-02-2009 ZyXEL Showcases Green Products for Digital Home at Cebit 2009 Show
13-02-2009 ZyXEL Metro Ethernet Switches Receive MEF Tier One Quality Certification
25-12-2008 ZyXEL Wins Chunghwa Telecom Powerline Devices Procurement Tender
14-10-2008 WiMAX Modem / Router with the Launch of Sprint's Commercial XOHM Service| ZyXEL
07-10-2008 ZyXEL Boasts Complete End-to-End Solutions in 2008 Broadband Taiwan Exhibition
03-10-2008 ZyXEL Named to Taiwan's Top Ten Global Brands list for Sixth Consecutive Year
02-10-2008 ZyXEL WiMAX MIMO CPE Qualified by Alcatel- Lucent's Seal of Interoperability Acceptance for Commercial Services
30-09-2008 Engagement of ZyXEL's VDSL2 Equipment and Broadcom's VDSL2 Chipsets Powers Chunghwa Telecom's Next Generation Networks
23-09-2008 ZyXEL Showcases End-to-End Solutions at Broadband World Forum Europe 2008
23-09-2008 ZyXEL Wins Chungwa Telecom Carrier Ethernet Switch Tender for Four Consecutive Years
16-09-2008 ZyXEL Wins Another Chunghwa Telecom VDSL2 Equipment Tender for 480,000 Lines
08-09-2008 ZyXEL Introduces Advanced IP Set-top Box Range at IBC 2008
20-06-2008 ZyXEL Announces the Industry First Green Wireless Routers with Power-saving Wireless Scheduler
18-06-2008 ZyXEL Among First to Receive Mobile WiMAX 2.5 GHz Certification from WiMAX Forum®
16-06-2008 ZyXEL Sweeps Seven 2008 Taiwan Excellence Awards
02-06-2008 ZyXEL Commits to Demonstrate Complete Solutions in 2008 WiMAX Expo Taipei
23-05-2008 The Tolly Group Tests Show that ZyXEL MS-7206 Ethernet Modular Switch with Zero-Loss Performance, Low Latency and Eco-friendliness of its Power Consumption
15-05-2008 ZyXEL Launches All-IP Set Top Box Range and New Global Telco Partnership
30-04-2008 ZyXEL Expands Portfolio with M-Series Carrier Ethernet Switches
17-04-2008 Once again, ZyXEL Wins Reddot Design Award
07-04-2008 ZyXEL Recognized by Global View Magazine's CSR Award
28-02-2008 ZyXEL Carrier Ethernet Has Successfully Won a Contract from Chunghwa Telecom for Four Consecutive Years
28-02-2008 ZyXEL Launches the Complete IP Network Solution for SMEs at CeBIT 08
25-02-2008 Experience the Freedom, Innovation and Collaboration of Networking Power with ZyXEL!
15-01-2008 ZyXEL's ANT1106 Antenna Wins National Design Award
08-01-2008 ZyXEL Debuts NWA570N 802.11n Draft 2.0 Wireless Access Point
26-11-2007 ZyXEL Acclaimed as Taiwan's First \"Green Enterprise\", Second Best in Asia
24-10-2007 Experience High-Performance Unified Security Gateway
19-10-2007 ZyXEL Leads the Pack with New 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Solutions
09-10-2007 ZyXEL Won Chunghwa Telecom's First VDSL2 Equipment Tender for 340-thousand Lines
03-10-2007 ZyXEL Announces P-2802HW-I Series for Triple-play Services
02-10-2007 High-Performance Advanced Switching Technology for Network Convergence Management
20-09-2007 Wireless Access Point with Safety Plenum Rating Material
14-09-2007 ZyXEL Offers SMB with ZyWALL USG 300 Unified Security Gateway
06-09-2007 Metro Ethernet Forum Certifies ZyXEL as one of Leading Companies in Carrier Ethernet Services
06-09-2007 ZyXEL Debuts NBG-318S Wireless HomePlug AV Router
29-08-2007 ZyXEL GS-2724 24-Port Managed Layer 3 Gigabit Switch Enables a Highly Reliable and Affordable Gigabit Performance for SMB/SME
28-08-2007 ZyXEL Flagship V500 SIP IP Phone Maximizes the User's Flexibility
24-08-2007 VoIP Enabled Smartphone for Next Generation Communication
21-08-2007 ZyXEL and Sprint sign deal for WiMAX customer premise equipment
14-08-2007 ZyXEL Named as \"Taiwan's Top Global Brand\" for Five Consecutive Years
14-08-2007 ZyXEL Again Recognized by 15th Taiwan Excellence Awards
30-07-2007 ZyXEL Unveils Major Firmware Upgrade to ZyWALL 1050 Internet Security Appliance
24-07-2007 ZyXEL Releases PLA-401 Portable Wall-Mounted HomePlug AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter
12-07-2007 ZyXEL Unveils P-660HWP Series 802.11g HomePlug AV ADSL2+ Gateway
10-07-2007 ZyXEL Unveils P-791R v2, the Next-Generation G.SHDSL.bis Router
03-07-2007 ZyXEL ZyWALL OTP Provides Strong Authentication Solution
02-07-2007 ZyXEL Introduced VOP1248G 48-port VoIP Line Card for ZyXEL MSAN Product Portfolio
28-05-2007 ZyXEL Launches The NWA-3500 to Boost Wi-Fi Convergence for Enterprises Applications
24-05-2007 ZyXEL ES-2108-F 8-port Managed Layer-2 Fast Ethernet Switch Eases Active Ethernet Deployment
21-05-2007 ZyXEL DMA-1000W Complements Wireless Connection Home Entertainment Systems
17-05-2007 ZyXEL Releases 802.16e WiMAX Product Series for Mobil Wireless Reach
17-05-2007 ZyXEL Launches WPA-1000 Wireless Projector Adapter for Presentation On The Go
16-05-2007 ZyXEL Unveils New 802.16e Mobil WiMAX Solution at Taipei WiMAX Summit
19-04-2007 ZyXEL Releases PLA-400 HomePlug AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter
10-04-2007 ZyXEL Announces IES-6000 High Capacity IP DSLAM
02-04-2007 Once Again, ZyXEL Has Successfully Won a Contract from Chunghwa Telecom to Provide Fiber Metro Area Network Equipments
14-03-2007 The ZyXEL VoIP Series Takes the Center Stage of Germany's Reddot Product Design Award
13-03-2007 ZyXEL Business WLAN Controller System, NXC-8160 and NWA-8500, Provides High-Density Deployment
13-03-2007 ZyXEL Debuts NBG-318S Wireless HomePlug AV Router
09-03-2007 ZyXEL Unveils 3G and 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Broadband Security Appliance
08-03-2007 ZyXEL NSA-220 Network Storage Appliance Bundles with Memeo AutoBackup 2.0 for Digital Content Security
08-03-2007 ZyXEL Introduces ZyWALL SSL 10 Integrated SSL-VPN Appliance for SMB
08-03-2007 ZyXEL Introduces NSA-220 Dual-Drive Network Attached Storage for Digital Homes
01-03-2007 ZyXEL Vantage CNM 2.3 Offers Powerful Security Management
01-03-2007 NetCologne Implements High-performance Networks with ZyXEL VDSL2 Technology
28-02-2007 ZyXEL Unveils P-870MH-C1 VDSL2 Modem
28-02-2007 ZyXEL's V250 DECT Phone Talks Through VoIP Gateways
26-02-2007 ZyXEL Announces ES-1528 28-port Web-Managed Switch for Small- to Medium- sized Business
04-01-2007 ZyXEL Announces MC100FX-SC Series Media Converter for Long-Distance Network Access
03-01-2007 ZyXEL P-2302HWUDL-P1 Wireless VoIP Station Gateway Adds DECT Telephony over Broadband
02-01-2007 ZyXEL Announces ZyXEL P-2304R-P1 VoIP Station Gateway for Internet Access and Feature-Rich Phone Communication at Office
20-12-2006 ZyXEL Introduces Vantage Report 3.0 Network Reporting Analyzer
27-11-2006 ZyXEL IES-5000 IP DSLAM Receives NEBS Certification
27-11-2006 ZyXEL IES-5000 IP DSLAM Receives NEBS Certification
22-11-2006 ZyXEL Releases NWD-170N/NWD-370N Draft 802.11n Wireless CardBus Card/PCI Adapter
14-11-2006 ZyXEL Introduces P-334WHD 802.11g Wireless Firewall Router with Dial-Backup
14-11-2006 ZyXEL Introduces NBG-415N Draft 802.11n Wireless Router
09-11-2006 ZyXEL Announces PL-100 Powerline Ethernet Adapter to Extend LAN through Standard Electrical Wiring
17-10-2006 ZyXEL MAX-100/200 WiMAX Products Won the \"Best of WiMAX World Awards 2006\" for Devices/Peripherals/Application Software
17-10-2006 ZyXEL Announces P-793H G.SHDSL.bis 4-port Security Gateway
14-09-2006 ZyXEL Debuts P-2302HWL-P1 802.11g Wireless VoIP Station Gateway
11-09-2006 ZyXEL Introduces P-335 Plus Firewall Router with USB Print Server
28-08-2006 ZyXEL Introduces VES-1616F-44/VES-1624F-44 16-port/24-port IP-Based DMT VDSL2 Switch
28-08-2006 ZyXEL IES-1248 ADSL2+ IP DSLAM Achieved NEBS Certification
24-08-2006 ZyXEL NSA-2400 Network Storage Appliance Provides an Enterprise-class Backup Solution for Small Business
15-08-2006 ZyXEL Introduces P-2602H-DxA Series ADSL2+ VoIP IAD for Small Offices and Homes
08-08-2006 Spain's Dominion Tecnologías Makes ZyWALL 35 Its Top Choice
19-07-2006 ZyWALL 70 UTM Awarded \"Best Value\" by ITHome Magazine
18-07-2006 ZyXEL Announces ZyXEL P-2302 R/RL-P Series VoIP Station Gateway for Internet Access and Feature-Rich Phone Communication at Home
12-07-2006 ZyXEL Introduces P-2602HWNLI-DxA Series 802.11g Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP IAD for Small Offices and Homes
06-07-2006 ZyXEL Releases the P-2602R/RL-DxA Series ADSL2+ VoIP IAD Designed to Take Advantage of the Voice/Data Network Convergence
05-07-2006 ZyXEL Releases P-334U/P-335U 802.11a/g Wireless Dual Band Router
28-06-2006 ZyXEL Introduces P-2602HW/HWL-DxA Series 802.11g Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP IAD for Small Offices and Homes
27-06-2006 ZyXEL Empowers SMB Networks with GS-1116A/GS-1124A 16-Port/24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
23-06-2006 ZyXEL G-1000 v.2 802.11g Wireless Access Point Provides Reliable and Secure Wireless Connectivity
10-05-2006 ZyXEL Introduces NetAtlas Workgroup Network Management Software
18-04-2006 ZyXEL Introduces Vantage Report 2.3 Network Reporting Analyzer
09-03-2006 ZyXEL Unveils ZyWALL 1050 Internet Security Appliance, A Professional VPN Concentrator and UTM Appliance for SMB/Mid-Large Organization
08-03-2006 ZyXEL Announces P-336M 802.11g Wireless MIMO Firewall Router
02-03-2006 Experience the Networking Power from ZyXEL!
12-01-2006 ZyXEL Announces ES-3148 52-Port Layer 2+ Enterprise-Class Intelligent Ethernet Switch
15-12-2005 ZyXEL Announces G-570S 802.11g Multimode Access Point
15-11-2005 ZyXEL Announces ES-2108 Series 8-port Managed Layer 2 Edge Fast Ethernet Switch for Small Workgroups
08-11-2005 ZyXEL Announces P-320W 802.11g 4-in-1 Wireless Firewall Router
18-10-2005 ZyXEL Won Chunghwa Telecom's VDSL Equipment Tender for 234-thousand Lines
26-09-2005 ZyXEL and Alcatel Team up to Win Chunghwa Telecom's Fiber Metro Area Network Equipment Contract
08-09-2005 ZyXEL Unveils Next Generation 8-in-1 ZyWALL UTM with the World's First Antivirus/IDP Acceleration Card to Boost Security and Performance
07-09-2005 ZyXEL and Kaspersky Lab Join Forces to Offer Gateway Antivirus on New ZyWALL UTM with Innovative Stream-Based Scanning Technology
25-08-2005 ZyXEL Sponsors Gigabit Ethernet Switches for ASSEMBLY 2005, the World's Largest Programming Contest, to Build up Hi-speed, Reliable Network for the Contest
17-08-2005 ZyXEL Obtains IPv6 Ready Logo Phase II, First in Taiwan and 13th in the World
08-08-2005 ZyXEL IES-5000 Chassis-based IP DSLAM Offers Residential and Business with Triple Play and Network Convergence
07-07-2005 ZyXEL Ranked 25th in BusinessNext Taiwan Info Tech100, the Top Ranking of Networking Vendors
14-06-2005 ZyXEL Unveils ES-3124PWR Layer 2+ Intelligent Managed Power over Ethernet Switch
13-06-2005 ZyXEL Successfully Completes TR-069 Interoperability Testing with Fine Point Technologies
30-05-2005 ZyXEL Releases GS-4000 Series Intelligent Managed Layer 3+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch
12-05-2005 ZyXEL Successfully Completes TR-069 Interoperability Testing with SupportSoft
05-05-2005 ZyXEL Announces P-335WT 802.11g 5-in-1 Firewall Router with Print Server
02-05-2005 ZyXEL Demonstrates the Multimedia Auto Provisioner (MAP) Self Installation Kit
28-04-2005 ZyXEL Introduces P-661H/661HW Series ADSL 2+ 4-Port Security Gateway for Small Offices and Homes
14-04-2005 ZyXEL Introduces ES-4024A Layer 3+ Managed Fast Ethernet Switch, Bringing a High Level of Security and Traffic Management to Your Network
11-03-2005 ZyXEL Shows Off P-3000 H.264 IPTV Set-top Box
10-03-2005 ZyXEL P-5000W IP Video Phone Premieres World's First Value-Added Multimedia Service Platform
09-03-2005 ZyXEL Announces World's First 802.11g Wireless Gigabit Router to Support WPA2 and WMM
08-03-2005 ZyXEL Debuts World's First 3-Layer Security Scheme for Robust SMB Network
08-03-2005 ZyXEL Releases World's First Palm-Sized Portable Personal Firewall for Ultimate Security
21-02-2005 ZyXEL Announces ZyXEL P-2302R VoIP Station Gateway for Internet Access and Phone Communication at Home
30-01-2005 ZyXEL Announces ZyXEL P-335 Five-in-One Firewall Router with USB Print Server
20-01-2005 ZyXEL ZyWALL 70 Internet Security Appliance Crowned as 'Best of 2004' by SC Magazine, the World's Top Information Security Publication
19-01-2005 ZyXEL ZyXEL P-334WT 802.11g Firewall Router Recognized as the Top Choice
18-01-2005 ZyXEL P-334WT 802.11g Firewall Router Ranked Top by PC Buyer
27-12-2004 ZyXEL and Trend Micro Unveil ZyXEL P-334WT for Doubled Home Network Protection
24-11-2004 ZyXEL Unveils G-560 Wireless Access Point Providing 700% Wireless Performance and Speed with ZyXEL Wireless g+ SuperSpeed(tm) Technology
20-10-2004 ZyXEL Announces ZyWALL Remote Security Client
19-10-2004 ZyXEL Unveils myZyXEL.com Product and Service Platform for Centralized Value-added Services and Non-gap Communications
18-10-2004 ZyXEL Prestige 660HW 802.11g Wireless ADSL 2+ Gateway Praised by Turkish CHIP Magazine as Editor's Choice
06-10-2004 ZyXEL Marches into Layer 7 Firewall Arena; ZyWALL IDP 10 Deters Intrusion for Small and Medium Businesses
29-09-2004 ZyXEL Unveils 'SMART Global Network Security Total Solution'
23-09-2004 ZyXEL Highlights Triple Play and Hotel VDSL at GITEX 2004
21-09-2004 ZyXEL Reveals New 802.11g ADSL VoIP IADs for Office Data and Phone Communication
07-09-2004 ZyXEL Unveils two ATAs for VoIP Phone Connectivity through Broadband Services
24-08-2004 ZyXEL Dominates DSL Router Market of Europe and the World
23-08-2004 ZyXEL Announces GS-3012/GS-3012F 12-Port Layer 2 Managed Gigabit Ethernet/ Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Switch Offering Higher Network Efficiency and Better QoS
15-06-2004 ZyXEL Prestige 650H ADSL Router Wins Accolade from Computer Bild, Germany's Largest Consumer Computer Publication
09-06-2004 ZyXEL Advocates Exploring Broadband Value with IP Networking and Network Security at CommunicAsia 2004
28-05-2004 ZyXEL Announces World's First Anti-Virus ADSL 2+ Gateway, offering fast, secured wired and wireless network to SOHO
26-05-2004 ZyXEL's Vantage CNM 2.0 Centralized Network Management Solution Drives Cost Down, Efficiency Up
24-05-2004 ZyXEL G-220 802.11g USB Wi-Fi Adapter Doubles as Access Point
10-05-2004 ZyXEL Prestige 792H G.SHDSL Security Gateway Fortifies SMB Broadband Environments
03-05-2004 ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 660HW ADSL 2+ Gateway for Home Multimedia Application
22-04-2004 Germany's PC Professionell Magazine Recognizes ZyXEL ZyWALL 2 and ZyWALL 70 Firewalls
08-04-2004 ZyXEL Releases Dimension ES-2024 Layer 2 Ethernet Switch for Secured, Efficient Network for SMB
18-03-2004 ZyXEL Advocates Exploring Broadband Value with Wireless, Voice Media, Security, IP Networking at CeBIT 2004
17-03-2004 ZyXEL Unveils P-334W Home Gateway to Support Multimedia Application and Home Internet Protection
17-03-2004 ZyXEL's Previews ZyWALL Security Appliances with Powerful Protection and Centralized Management
17-03-2004 ZyXEL's New Corporate WLAN Solution Delivers Excellent Manageability, Security
17-03-2004 ZyXEL Unveils ZyAIR G-2000 802.11g WLAN Router for SOHO with Long Cruising and Wireless Network Security
17-03-2004 ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 660HW ADSL 2+ Gateway for Home Multimedia Application
17-03-2004 ZyXEL Announces ZyWALL IDP, the Layer 7 Intrusion Detection Prevention Firewall
10-03-2004 ZyXEL Releases World's First Anti-Virus ADSL 2+ Gateway
10-03-2004 ZyXEL Announces World's First ATM-based DMT VDSL Gateway to Support Triple Play
08-03-2004 ZyXEL's VoIP Wi-Fi Phone Saves Fee, Boosts Mobility
08-03-2004 ZyXEL Forays into VoIP Market with Integrated Voice and Data Solutions
03-03-2004 ZyXEL Dimension Switches to Support iStacking?Clustering Network Management
07-01-2004 ZyXEL ZyWALL 70 Dual-WAN Port Internet Security Appliance Meeting SMB's Needs
04-01-2004 ZyXEL ZyWALL Firewall Series Features New Content Filtering Functionality
24-11-2003 ViaSat Joins with ZyXEL to Deliver Innovative Broadband Access to Multi-Tenant Units; Highspeed Internet Powered by Infineon Technologies' VDSL Chipsets
03-11-2003 ZyXEL Releases World's First ADSL Security Gateway Combining 802.11g WLAN and ISDN Dial Backup
24-10-2003 ZyXEL Unveils All New 54Mbps WLAN Solution Series
22-10-2003 The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Deployed ZyXEL Wireless Network for PDA Wireless Navigation System
21-10-2003 ZyXEL Heads for Layer 3 Switch Market with Dimension ES-4024
19-10-2003 ZyXEL to Introduce IP DSLAM - IP Express at GITEX 2003
07-08-2003 ZyXEL Switches and WLAN Access Points to Empower ASSEMBLY 2003, the World's Largest Programming Contest
05-08-2003 ZyXEL ZyAIR G-1000 Awarded 'Editor's Choice' by iThome Weekly for Outstanding 802.11g WLAN Performance
15-07-2003 ZyXEL Ranked 2nd Telecom Equipment Provider in Taiwan Technology Top 100
03-07-2003 ZyXEL Unveils Prestige 791, the Next-Generation G.shdsl Router
01-07-2003 ZyXEL Announces Prestige 652HW Integrated ADSL Router
26-06-2003 ZyAIR Wireless Router from ZyXEL wins PC Magazine Editors' Choice
25-06-2003 ZyXEL ZyAIR B-1000 and B-2000 Recognized by German Macwelt Magazine
05-06-2003 ZyXEL Introduces IP-Based DMT VDSL Solution
03-06-2003 ZyXEL Announces Multi-Hospitality Unit Solutions
19-05-2003 ZyXEL Enters Gigabit SOHO Switch Market with New Dimension GS Series
16-05-2003 ZyXEL's ZyAIR B-2000 Wireless LAN Gateway Honored as ' Editors' Choice ' by Germany's Internet Professionell Magazine
16-05-2003 ZyXEL ZyWALL 2WE Wins Editors' Choice by ZDNet.de
06-05-2003 Sunplus Chooses ZyXEL ZyWALL in Building Firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN)
18-03-2003 ZyXEL Chooses Meetinghouse to Provide 802.1x Security for its ZyAIR Series of WLAN Solutions
12-03-2003 ZyXEL Announces Vantage Central Network Management Suite
12-03-2003 ZyXEL Announces 54Mbps ZyAIR 802.11g and 802.11a+g Product Lines
10-03-2003 ZyXEL To Work With Intel To Develop Dimension Layer 3 Switches
28-02-2003 ZyXEL to Exhibit Innovative Broadband Access Solutions at CeBIT 2003
23-01-2003 ZyXEL Introduces SOHO Ethernet Switches
09-01-2003 ZyXEL Introduces Dimension Line of Layer 2 Switches
07-11-2002 ZyXEL ZyAIR Wireless LAN Products Granted Wi-Fi Interoperability Certification
05-11-2002 ZyXEL Announces ZyAIR Line of Wireless Networking Products
03-10-2002 ZyXEL Announces Immediate Availability of ZyWALL SSH Sentinel Software
03-10-2002 KDDI Chooses ZyXEL VDSL Solution for Its ' DION ' F ' Mansion ' Broadband Internet Service in Japan
20-09-2002 ZyXEL Delivers Omni 56K Smart V.90 Data/Fax Modem
06-09-2002 ZyXEL Delivers Prestige 623 Dual-link ADSL Router
29-08-2002 ZyXEL ZyWALL Internet Security Gateways Received ICSA Firewall Certification
31-07-2002 Communications News Awards ZyXEL's IES-1000 the Editor's Choice Award at Supercomm 2002
10-07-2002 ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 650 Series ADSL Router for SOHO and SMB
19-06-2002 ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 652 Series ADSL Security Router for SOHO and SMB
14-06-2002 ZyXEL Introduces New Broadband Access Solutions at CommunicAsia 2002 in Singapore
12-06-2002 ZyXEL Launches Its New Corporate Website
03-06-2002 The Latest IP DSLAM from ZyXEL Strikes COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2002
06-05-2002 ZyXEL ZyWALL Internet Security Gateways Awarded ICSA IPSec VPN Certification
03-04-2002 ZyXEL to Ship New Prestige 630-11 and Prestige 630-13 ADSL USB Modems in Mid April
01-04-2002 ZyXEL Reports No Damage After the Earthquake
29-03-2002 The Westin Taipei Selects ZyXEL VDSL MTU Solution for Broadband Internet Services in Hotels
13-03-2002 Telefonica Chooses ZyXEL as One of the Strategic Global ADSL CPE Suppliers
13-03-2002 ZyXEL to Unveil New IP DSLAM Series at CeBIT 2002
13-03-2002 ZyXEL to Unveil New IPSec VPN Firewall for Telecommuter, SOHO, SMB, and Corporate
13-03-2002 ZyXEL Strengthens Its Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) Portfolio with New Broadband Switches at CeBIT 2002
13-03-2002 ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 652 Series ADSL Security Router for SOHO and SMB
10-01-2002 ZyXEL Launches Three New IPSec VPN Firewall for Telecommuter, SOHO and SMB
09-01-2002 ZyXEL Adds a New V.90 Analog USB Modem to its Omni Line
12-11-2001 Covad Chooses ZyXEL CPE for TeleSOHO DSL Service
31-10-2001 ZyXEL Ships the Prestige 724 G.SHDSL CSU/DSU
18-10-2001 ZyXEL Announces Immediate Availability of VPN Capability for its ZyWALL 10 Internet Security Gateway
21-08-2001 ZyXEL Prestige 316 and ZyAIR 100 Receive a 3/3 Review From HomeNetHelp.com
14-08-2001 ZyXEL Ships the Prestige 645 ADSL Modems and Routers
07-08-2001 ZyXEL Ships New Prestige 642ME-I to Support ADSL over ISDN
06-08-2001 ZyXEL Achieves Top 3 in Worldwide DSL CPE Market
25-07-2001 ZyXEL Ranks 4th Communications Equipment Company in Business Times' Top 100 Taiwanese Communications Vendor List
25-07-2001 ZyXEL Expands Router Market Share in Western Europe
10-07-2001 ZyXEL ZyWALL 10 Firewall and the Prestige 310 Router Win ' Good Design Product Awards ' from CETRA
25-06-2001 OnSite Technology Services and ZyXEL Announce Strategic Partnership for Deploying Broadband in MDU Properties
11-06-2001 ZyXEL ZyWALL 100 Firewall Wins ' Best Communication Product Award ' at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2001
07-06-2001 ZyXEL Ships New ADSL PPPoE Modem -- The Prestige 642ME
03-06-2001 ZyXEL Partners with Atreus Systems to Deliver Broadband Access Service for the Hospitality
30-05-2001 ZyXEL Announced Enhancements on Its Broadband Sharing Gateway with Wireless LAN Solution
30-05-2001 ZyXEL Unveils Business Class Internet Security Gateway -- the ZyWALL 100
30-05-2001 ZyXEL Announces Immediate Availability of Internet Content Filtering Capability for its ZyWALL Internet Security Gateways
07-05-2001 ZyXEL Ships the New AES-100 ADSL-Ethernet Switch to Expand Its Ambitious Plan in MTU and IP DSLAM Market
22-03-2001 ZyXEL Showcases Its Most Comprehensive Line of DSL Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Solutions at CeBIT 2001
22-03-2001 ZyXEL Strengthens Its Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) Portfolio with the New InterTenant Network Solution
14-03-2001 ZyXEL Expands ADSL Family with The New Prestige 630 ADSL USB Modem
12-03-2001 Tdsoft and ZyXEL Partner to Deliver VoDSL Solutions for Next-Generation Integrated Access Devices
07-02-2001 Lucent Technology Taiwan and ZyXEL Communications Awarded 166,000 ADSL Line Tender from Chunghwa Telecom
05-02-2001 ZyXEL Communications named ' Company of the Year ' by Virginia Beach Users Group
03-01-2001 ZyXEL Communications to Demonstrate Interoperability with Leading DSLAM vendors in the DSL Forum at CES
28-12-2000 ZyXEL Announced Immediate Availability of PPPoE Capabilities for Its Prestige 642M ADSL Modem
28-12-2000 Announces New Internet Security Gateway Product Line -- ZyWALL
27-11-2000 Shun-I Chu Named President of ZyXEL Communications Co.
13-11-2000 ZyXEL broadband access solution receives certification from Copper Mountain
25-09-2000 ZyXEL Prestige 312 Broadband Security Gateway Receives ICSA Certification
05-09-2000 Telefonica Selects ZyXEL to Provide ADSL Service in Brazil
25-08-2000 ZyXEL Issues Its Environmental Policy
07-08-2000 ZyXEL Announced Worldwide Shipping of Its Prestige 642 ADSL Bridges and Routers
17-07-2000 CS TELECOM and ZyXEL Partner to Promote New Generation DLC in Taiwan and Mainland China
30-06-2000 ZyXEL Ships Its New Broadband Access Security Gateway
05-06-2000 ZyXEL Will Showcase Its Most Comprehensive Range of Broadband Access Solutions at Computex Taipei 2000
27-03-2000 Lucent Technology Taiwan and ZyXEL Communications Team upto Win 166,500 ADSL Line Tender from Chunghwa Telecom
24-02-2000 ZyXEL Will Showcase Its Most Comprehensive Range of Broadband Access Solutions at CeBIT 2000
12-01-2000 France Telecom Teams with ZyXEL for Speedy Deployment of Nationwide School Internet Package
28-12-1999 ZyXEL omni.net ISDN Terminal Adapters Win Top Three Powerful Performers by CHIP Magazine
24-12-1999 ZyXEL's Dual Platform ISDN Terminal Adapter Honored as
10-12-1999 ZyXEL Unveils the New V.90 Analog Data/Fax Modem with Its Newly Developed Data Pump
08-12-1999 ZyXEL Launches Automatic Press Service (ZyPress)
26-11-1999 ZyXEL Adds a New Dual Platform USB ISDN Terminal Adapter to its omni.net Lines
09-11-1999 ZyXEL Ships Industry's First ADSL Router with PPPoE Support
28-09-1999 ZyXEL Reports No Damage After the Earthquake and Launches Employee Donation to Assist Survivors and Relatives of Victims
21-09-1999 ZyXEL Prestige 641- ADSL Router Certified for Interoperability by Lucent Technologies
15-09-1999 ZyXEL Prestige 100IH Received September Winner From Danish Magazine PC PRO
14-09-1999 The Prestige 480 Gives SMB for High-Speed and Flexible Internet Access Alternative to Other Leased Line Services
23-08-1999 ZyXEL Introduces 10/100M Fast Ethernet Internet Access Router for the High Performance SOHO Networking
16-08-1999 ZyXEL Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with a Grand Ceremony and One-Week Festivities
10-08-1999 ZyXEL to Showcase Latest Broadband Internet Access Solutions at COMDEX SUCESU-SP Brazil '99
08-07-1999 TELIA and ZyXEL Sign Agreement for Distribution of Internet, ISDN Access Products in the Nordic Region
25-06-1999 ZyXEL Introduces Broadband Internet Access Router allows SOHO Users to Connect to
02-06-1999 ZyXEL Adds a USB and RS-232 Dual Interface Terminal Adapter to Its omni.net LCD Lines
10-05-1999 ZyXEL Expands International Presence with the New Subsidiaries in West Europe
18-03-1999 ZyXEL Will Present a Fresh Face at CeBIT '99 with a Whole New Array of Internet Access Solutions
17-02-1999 ZyXEL Communications launches New Networking Solutions Group
16-02-1999 LinkE@SY Network, Inc. Signs agreement with ZyXEL Communications, Inc. to provide international Internet access to ZyXEL's modem and router customers
03-12-1998 ZyXEL Communications Partners with Merisel to Distribute Network Connectivity Solutions
11-11-1998 ZyXEL Establishes its First Subsidiary in Europe
21-10-1998 New Internet Sharing Device from ZyXEL Enables SOHO and Small Businesses to Protect Their Connectivity Investments
30-09-1998 ZyXEL Recognized by R.O.C Council for Outstanding Achievements
15-09-1998 Verio teams with US WEST, ZyXEL to bring Colorado business customers ISDN service at significant savings
26-08-1998 ZyXEL's New 56K Hub/Router Offers Best Value for SOHO and Small Business Connectivity
25-06-1998 ZyXEL Supports New ADSL Lab
18-05-1998 New 56K Hub/Router For Standard Telephone Lines Simplifies SOHO & Branch Office Connectivity
18-05-1998 From Conference Call to Reminder Ring , ZyXEL Brings Telephone Voice Services to its ISDN Terminal Adapters
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Introduces First ISDN Terminal Adapter with LCD and Caller ID Support
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Launches New xDSL Technology with Single Pair HDSL-2 Broadband Modem Up to Full T1/E1 Speed
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Debuts New Prestige Web Configurator at CeBIT '98
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Expands Its Router Product Line to Home Networking with Prestige Router/Hub Series
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Delivers First Industry Standard L2TP Support for Remote Access Bridge/Routers
19-03-1998 ZyXEL Announces Cost-Effective and Flexible 3-Port Bridge/Router for Remote Office/Branch Office
17-11-1997 ZyXEL'S New IDSL Bridge/Router Speeds Through Traffic on Information Superhighway
17-11-1997 ZyXEL Previews new 56Kbps External, PC Card and LAN/Modems
28-07-1997 The ZyXEL omni.net Receives ' Best Buy ' Award From PC World
07-07-1997 ZyXEL's Prestige 128 ISDN Remote Access Router Receives Top Honors in France
30-06-1997 ZyXEL Products Chosen By Bell Atlantic to Expand Its ISDN Product Line
24-04-1997 The ZyXEL omni.net Receives ' Best of Times ' Award From LANTIMES
11-04-1997 ZyXEL Prestige 128 ISDN Bridge/Router Nominated By ' Network Computing ' For Well-Connected Award
13-03-1997 ZyXEL Expands Remote Access Product Line With New ISDN Bridge/Routers
18-11-1996 ZyXEL Expands Remote Access Product Line With New ISDN Bridge/Router
22-10-1996 New ISDN Internet Solution From ZyXEL Targets Small Office/Home Office Users
18-09-1996 ZyXEL Launches ISDN Modem Providing Two Users Simultaneous Access To Single ISDN Line