Reliable and High-Quality Network for Hungarian Olympic Centre in Szeged

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Reliable and High-Quality Network for Hungarian Olympic Centre in Szeged


SzemerNet Kft., One of the biggest providers in the southern part of Hungary was awarded to redesign and deploy the network infastructure at the Maty stream regatta course, required to securely host such events and provide state-of-the art access for both the organizers, publicists, TV commentators and visitors. The competition course of the Maty stream, officially called the Olympic Centre of Szeged, is one of the best kayak-canoe and rowing sports institution in the world in regards of its natural attributes. The almost 2.5 kilometres long and 130 metres wide course is suitable to host even the highest level international competitions. In addition to kayak-canoe and rowing the institution is an excellent location for the training camps of other branches of sport, and it is even available to leisure time sportspeople


The system requirements included a turnkey internet access and WiFi access solution across the venue buildings and open air facilities, as well as an IPTV network suitable for deploying several tens of TV sets and Set-Top-Boxes. The internet access included a licensed Alcoma wireless link from the company’s premises to the regatta course of 900Mbps. With several cameras in the field and multiple access points and network switches providing backhaul, it was important that the entire network is easily monitored and managed from a central location.

Solutions and Benefits

The Hungarian Canoe Federation selected SzemerNet Kft. Because of their expertise in system design and networking. SzemerNet provided a common platform across the regatta course while assuring scalability and seamless control by way of SNMP network monitoring and management. SzemerNet chose ZyXEL because ZyXEL offered a proper mix of switches to meet all requirements of the HCF contract.
The need for an extremely stable and reliable switch backhaul was of high importance

ZyXEL’s GS1910 series of switches was used to aggregate fibre links between the buildings and to provide access to different services by using 7 VLANs configured to separate traffic types. The high capacity switches met the demands of streaming video. ZyXEL GS1910-24 switches provided fiber connectivity from the XGS3600F core switch. Additionally 50 pcs of STB2101HD Set-Top_Boxes were used in the Hotel and selected areas of the course where TV reception was required, transforming the old analoge TV system into a futureproof and high quality Ekioh-based IPTV network.

The system worked perfectly during the competition and will be further used in the next months when similar events will be hosted. Monitoring of the system proved that before the finals an average of 900 people were using the WiFi and on Sunday this jumped to 1500 connections.

The management of the organizing committee was pleased by the capacity and possibilities brought by the new infrastructure and expressed their satisfaction for both the deployment and equipment quality.

With ZyXEL switching solutions, the Maty stream regatta course is no longer restricted to a low cost and unstable network. They can now fully utilize all the endpoints at any location on the course premises, including offices, hotel and public areas. Meanwhile, visitors and athletes are able to access public wireless without any restriction. The Wi-Fi network provides both registered users a high bandwidth access and a lower but still reliable bandwidth for anonymous users.

ZyXEL was offered to place their banner on the sidewalls of the race track and this was visible during the TV broadcasting sessions. The continuous work we foresee together with SzemerNet seems to provide a stable place for this banner in a central place for another 3 years.

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