System Specifications


Access Methods


Power Saving Mode


Quality of Service (QoS)

Frequency Band

Dynamic Neighbor Network Support


System Requirements

Hardware Specifications

EU Outlet(16 A Max.)

Type F (CEE 7/4)/Type F (CEE 7/4) DE, NL, ES, PT, AT, SE, FI, NO, GR, HU, LU

CH Outlet(10 A Max.) Type J (SEV 1011)/Type J (SEV1011) CH

UK Outlet(13 A Max.) Type G (BS 1363)/Type G (BS 1363) UK, CY, HK

US Outlet(15 A Max.) Type B (NEMA 5-15)/Type B (NEMA 5-15)/TW, US

Physical Specifications

Environmental Specifications


Package Contents

* The theoretical maximum channel data transfer rate is derived from IEEE 1901 specifications. Actual data transfer rate will vary from network environment including: distance, network traffic, noise on electrical wires, quality of electrical installation and other adverse conditions. Ethernet connection will operate at the maximum of 100 Mbps

** Average throughput gain in typical homes