Hassel-free IPTV Streaming over Coaxial Networks

Turn coaxial outlets into a IPTV network

With a plug-and-play design, the HLA3105 HomePNA 3.1 Coax Ethernet Bridge provides an easy way for telcos to deliver IPTV services through the existing coaxial wiring. Just plug a pair of HLA3105 into the coaxial outlets in two rooms; one connects the HLA3105 to your DSL modem through a Ethernet cable, and the other to an Ethernet-equipped device as a set-top box; thus the IPTV services can be delivered to every room at home without laying new wires. 

HPNA 3.1 compliant for quality HD media streaming

Complying with the HPNA3.1 (ITU G.9954) standard, the HLA3105 is capable of delivering IPTV services over the existing coaxial cables at effective throughputs of up to 200 Mbps* with QoS and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA™).

Embedded filter reduces installation cost and signal interference to the legacy TV

Equipped with internal filters, the HLA3105 saves installation cost of external filters since it delivers CATV signals to the TV and converts remote HomePNA signals to the Ethernet-equipped devices such as set-top boxes at the same time.