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Empower your Expertise for the Internet World

Networking environments today have become more dynamic. IT professionals cannot rely on being just 'good enough'. Individuals and organizations need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to overcome any and all situations to keep ahead of the technology curve.

Zyxel's Education Center ensures that IT professionals are constantly learning about the cutting-edge of networking technology, and will be well-equipped with in-depth knowledge and pertinent skill-sets to deploy, maintain and improve their network's performance.

With our certifications courses, IT professionals will be raised to another level of networking expertise, while organizations can benefit from developing their team's expertise to optimize network performance, increase business opportunities and deliver customer satisfaction.

A comprehensive curriculum for today's busy IT professionals

Zyxel's expansive education curriculum provides courses that cover beginner level technology in wireless, security, switching and voice with basic networking concepts; as well as advanced level courses that deal with network deployment design.

We also understand that most of you are working professionals, and have structured our lessons to conveniently cater to your personal schedule – allowing you to learn whenever you feel most comfortable. Our systematic e-learning program is held online and subject to your individual learning pace – letting you understand networking concepts from basic to advanced levels.

Our networking experts provide instructor-led courses that integrate classroom-based instruction with a large amount of hands-on laboratory time. These laboratory sessions will simulate actual operational situations, giving students the opportunity to apply their skills and deploy Zyxel networks under the stress and conditions of a real-life working environment.

Prove your IT expertise with value-added certifications

Zyxel's network certifications offer network professionals the ability to become Zyxel-certified with proven experience and skills. The multi-tier certification program includes programs for:

  • Zyxel Certified Network Professional - ZCNP
  • Zyxel Certified Network Engineer - ZCNE
  • Zyxel Certified Network Trainer - ZCNT

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