Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions of all warranty claims to ZyXEL

Warranty policy

  1. ZyXEL warranty covers the provided device with all accessories. It is granted to all parts of our products, which show a defect during normal usage and operation because of a production fault, unless the user has regarded the manual and kept the product on actual soft- or firmware version.
  2. ZyXEL offers the full warranty service to the end user of the product.
  3. ZyXEL will fulfill the warranty terms by
    1. Repair of the claimed defect
    2. Swap of the defect product with same or better product
    3. Replace of the defect product by follow up product with better or equal features
  4. ZyXEL covers all cost of spare parts and technical repair, incl. shipment costs to the provided return address within the customer warranty claim, but not the shipment costs from customer to the RMA collect point. All local laws and regulations are covered and fulfilled by ZyXEL Service Providers.
  5. In case a part or a product is replaced by ZyXEL, this respective part will become ownership of ZyXEL. Therefore the ZyXEL Service Center informs customer about the processing of the individual claim.
  6. ZyXEL is allowed to update or revise the device during the repair process, to guarantee the device is on latest release versions. Customers cannot legal claim this update.
  7. ZyXEL will not be liable in any way for the loss of data stored on ZyXEL products and any damage caused by this.


Warranty period

ZyXEL offers a standard warranty period of 24 months from date of purchase to end customers unless specified in these Terms and Conditions or on the local ZyXEL Websites. To offer the full warranty service in the promised lead time and conditions, the customer is advised to provide proof of the purchase by invoice from their dealer. A warranty service by ZyXEL does not extend or renew the warranty period of the product, unless local regulations require this. The warranty period does not renew when device is resold onto a second end user. Special warranty conditions offered by local ZyXEL organization are only valid in the respective area and will not have influence of warranty terms and conditions in other sales areas.

Warranty claim conditions

  1. If a ZyXEL product shows an error covered by warranty conditions, customer has to claim the warranty immediately to the local ZyXEL service center. Contacts are provided on local website or the contact information on delivery documents.
  2. Damages during transport, visible on the cargo box (ex. Carton or housing is impacted) are not covered by ZyXEL warranty. Recipient has to claim them within 48 hours to the sender and the forwarder. Hidden damages the recipient has to claim when discover them, latest tree business days after reception towards forwarder and sender.
  3. Customer has to arrange shipment of devices to the collect point or service center under DDP (Delivery and Duty Paid) and cover regulations applied to shipments within EU or to Non-EU countries. Local regulations that grant the right to return devices free of charge to ZyXEL are not affected by this regulation.
  4. ZyXEL accepts warranty claims only if customer has registered the device with the service or hand over a copy of the purchase invoice to receive standard warranty.
  5. ZyXEL denies handling claims that are not covered by the respective warranty and may charge costs for handling and shipment to the causing party.


Dead on Arrival Policy

ZyXEL will treat all defects covered by our warranty policy as D.O.A. within 30 days after purchasing the product from an official dealer. When customer chooses to contact ZyXEL RMA department, ZyXEL will process the claim under the standard warranty conditions.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

On defined ZyXEL Business products ZyXEL offer an extension to the Standard Warranty defined in these terms as Limited lifetime Warranty. Limited Lifetime warranty is defined as the Lifetime of the product from when the product is launched and first supplied to customers in the EU Region until the product End of Life (EOL) announcement is made upon the local ZyXEL Website. The Business products will then be supported for a further 5 years after the EOL announcement is made by the EU ZyXEL Service Centre.
In the event of an issue with a ZyXEL Business product – the customer must contact the appropriate ZyXEL service Centre for assistance. In the event that the product needs to be replaced and is approved under the warranty terms, ZyXEL will raise an RMA number. The ZyXEL Service Centre will then dispatch the hardware to the reseller/customer in advance. The aim is to advance replace the faulty unit with a suitable replacement of the same type or similar features within 10 working days. ZyXEL do not guarantee that the replacement unit is a new product. The reseller customer is then responsible for the return of the faulty item to the ZyXEL Service Centre.

Extended Warranty Terms by Product Group

3 years warranty for Products assigned to specific campaigns, (ex. Bestseller)
5 years for unmanaged Switches, Security and Ethernet Connection Product group.
Limited Lifetime warranty on Switches ES/GS/1XXX, ES/GS2XXX, ES-3XXX, XGS- and M series, Business WLAN >3000 and NXC series.
Further details of the products covered by each warranty terms, will be shown in reference lists in each sales area.