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AP Controller Technology

With the BYOD trend accelerating, Wi-Fi connectivity is now widely provided everywhere in offices, hotels and even schools. This significantly and quickly increases demand for Wi-Fi access points, which in turn leads to more provisioning and management issues for network administrators. In fact, a well-designed WLAN controller is usually a solution to relieve administrators from these problems.

Now, Zyxel makes its advanced AP Controller (APC) technology available not only to stand-alone NXC WLAN controllers, but also to its various Gateway products. This enables businesses to easily scale up their Wi-Fi networks with less investment and management efforts.

  1. *: Available with ZLD4.30 or above.
  2. *: Commercial gateways with APC3.0 can only perform basic features on new APs.
APC Version
APC Lite
RRM (Radio resource management)
Client RSSI threshold v v v
Dynamic channel selection DCS3.0 DCS3.0 v
Band steering (Band select) v (2.0) v (2.0) -
Auto power (Auto healing) v v -
Security & Access Control
MAC filtering v v v
Blocking Intra-BSS Traffic v v v
Role-based access control v v -
Rogue AP detection v v -
Rogue AP containment v v -
Wireless L2 Isolation v v v
AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
MAC authentication with local database v v -
MAC authentication with external Radius v v -
Captive Portal (internal & external) v v v
Captive Portal customizable
web login page
v v v
Dynamic guest account v v -
RADIUS authentication v v v
Microsoft AD authentication v v -
LDAP authentication v v -
embedded RADIUS server v v -
RADIUS accounting v v -
RADIUS Session resumption v v -
Log-out page v v -
Portal redirect on AP v*1 v*1 -
802.1X Accounting with Managed AP v v*1 -
Wireless QoS
AP load balancing v (1.5) v (1.5) -
Smart Classroom Load balancing v v -
802.11r support for Fast Roaming enhancement v - -
WLAN Station bandwidth limiting v v v
Data tunneling v v*1 -
ZyMesh v v*1 -
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
AP Planning
v v v
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
Coverage detection
v v -
AP Group v v -
CAPWAP discovery method v v v
Diagnostic Tool
Wireless frame capture v v -
High Availability
Primary/Secondary controller support v v -
License SKU
MAPS v v v
ZyMesh License v*2 v*2 -

*1: When works with NXC2500 or NXC5500.
*2: NXC series support one Root AP for ZyMesh by default. To support more Root APs, NXC series needs ZyMesh license.