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Welcome to ZyXEL Press Room. In this area you can browse the latest announcements, events and more from ZyXEL and our worldwide subsidiaries.

ZyXEL ISDN Terminal Adapters Win Top Three Powerful Performers by CHIP Magazine

Test Reveals that the LCD is the Most Functional and Best Equipped External ISDN TA in Power Category.

December 28, 1999

Hsinchu, December 28, 1999 - ZyXEL Communications Corporation, the leading provider of Internet access solutions, today announced that its LCD ISDN modem has been chosen by Polish CHIP magazine as the "CHIP TIP" winner in its November lab test on 22 ISDN terminal adapters, following by ZyXEL's another 2 models including LCD Plus together with the Plus.

Chip magazine compares ZyXEL's 3 ISDN adapters against Request's ISDN TA, ELSA's TanGo 2000, Microcom's ISDN Porte External TA, MultiTech's IWay Hopper, AVM's Fritz!Card USB and Fritz!X PC, and Miratel's Dataphone. ZyXEL's LCD Plus was recognized as "the most functional and best equipped external ISDN TA" for its transmission performance and functionality among the tested external TA. The CHIP magazine also highlighted the LCD's special features such as the built-in modem, two analog ports, and the LCD panel which deliver the extra benefits but are rarely seen in the same product category.

"ZyXEL's LCD is the best equipped external ISDN TA among the model we tested," according to the CHIP magazine. "It shows the overall highest performance in efficiency, functionality and equipment categories and thus won the best judgement in this test."

"We are very excited that our ISDN adapters have been honored by such a highly respected publication," said Chinru Lin, Assistant VP of Sales and Marketing at ZyXEL. "The recognition from CHIP magazine demonstrates the outstanding performance and benefits we have built for our products that are full-featured, easy-to-use, and provide fast access to the Internet."

About ZyXEL's LCD
Designed specifically for personal users, the LCD is an ISDN TA which integrates a built-in 56K modem to communicate with other remote analog modems/fax over an ISDN line. The 20x2 LCD display and menu control keys provide users with real-time status monitoring as well as easy configuration. The LCD is part of ZyXEL's LCD ISDN terminal adapter family, which combines industry-leading performance and affordable price with the most comprehensive feature phone and supplementary services in the same product category.

About ZyXEL's ISDN Terminal Adapter Family
ZyXEL's series of personal and SOHO ISDN solutions, first introduced in 1995, includes the award-winning ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN modem series, LCD series, as well as the recently announced cross-platform USB series. ZyXEL's series has been recognized by the industry as one of the most full-featured ISDN solutions that offers high performance, easy-to-use interface and proven reliable solutions to access the Internet.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corporation, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of broadband Internet access devices, routers, ISDN terminal adapters, and high performance modems. The firm provides complete networking access solutions for Internet/Intranet/VPN/Extranet applications, and also provides networking service solutions in the design, implementation and maintenance of networks for small- to medium-sized businesses. ZyXEL is listed on the stock market, with distributors in over 70 countries, servicing customers in over 150 countries spanning all seven continents.