Basic Swap Service (BSS)

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ZyXEL provides a swap service on its business products covered by 5 years and Lifetime warranty. To find out if your product is covered by basic swap service look for it in the list of business products here.
BSS (Basic Swap Service) is a service where a replacement unit is sent out before the defective unit has been received for repair. A replacement product is shipped to the customer when a claim is submitted included with an invoice. The customer will then be credited back when the defective unit has been received at ZyXEL. BSS period is valid for 2 years. A refurbished unit or a similar product with at least same functionality is sent to the customer 
Products send in through BSS are subject to same terms and conditions as for standard RMA.
BSS is only valid for products sold in the Nordic region.
Replacement product is shipped from ZyXEL with regular postal service and ZyXEL does NOT guaranty any delivery time. In most cases claims received before noon will be processed and shipped the same day assuming inventory of replacement products.
The replacement product will be invoiced at recommended reseller price when the product is shipped out. The invoice will be credited when the defective product is returned to ZyXEL. The defective product must be returned within 10 days.
To send in a product through BSS a customer must contact ZyXEL partner support to determine if the product is defective. How to contact ZyXEL partner support.

Return the defective product with a copy of the original purchase order to the following address
LetMeRepair Nordic AB
Hållnäsgatan 15
752 28 Uppsala
It is the customer’s responsibility to cover the cost of sending the product in for RMA and to provide proof of delivery in the event a package is not received by ZyXEL.
Clearly mark the packaging with BSS on the outside.
If a product is sent in through the BSS and it is found not to have a defect according to the error description stated on the BSS form, ZyXEL reserves the right to charge a processing fee and a technician fee in increments of 30 min for the time spend testing the product.
ZyXEL reserves the right to treat any BSS case as a regular RMA case in the event of any information missing.