Italian Children’s Charity Connects with Wireless Solution Supported by ZyXEL

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Torino, Italy-based charity organization House of Oz and its subsidiary Store of Oz deliver care and services for young patients confronting serious illnesses and handicaps, as well as their families. As the non-profit grew and expanded, it soon realized that it needed a robust wireless network to provide Internet connectivity to patients and other guests, in addition to an internal network for staff and management. ZyXEL was ready to lend a hand, donating its equipment and services to create a Hospitality Solution that perfectly fit the needs of this vital organization that contributes so much to the good of the community and people in need from around the world.

“This great opportunity allows us to confirm how technology can be a valuable resource for providing better services to citizens. Wi-Fi solutions are once again the vehicle of our success, helping us to improve people’s lives."

Valerio Rosano
Sales & Marketing Manager, ZyXEL

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