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Ransomware. Defend your data.

Defend your data from Ransomware attacks

Protect your devices and defend your data by taking proactive steps with your network security

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Ransomware: A threat to SMBs

The impact of downtime, business interruption and reputation damage cannot be underestimated. Download our infographic to see how ransomware is impacting SMBs.

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Ransomware and other malicious programs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Fortunately, so is the software and hardware fighting against them.

Protect against ransomware

with Zyxel Integrated Network Security

Zyxel's security solutions ensure comprehensive protection and give you confidence that your network, applications and data are protected from threats like ransomware.


Application intelligence

IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention)

Content Filtering



Comprehensive security

at an accessible price

Zyxel's integrated network security solutions offer businesses comprehensive, powerful and scalable security that protects your data from malicious threats like ransomware.

  • USG Series

  • ATP Series

  • NSG Series

There are many reasons why security is a vital component in any network. Besides the protection against malware, GDPR is adding a vital requirement for a comprehensive security solution. The USG Series provides all the protection you need in order to fend off attacks from the Internet and defend against hackers. With full UTM Protection including Antispam, Antivirus, Content filtering and Intrusion Detection, it gives you a strong solution to deal and manage ever-increasing threats.

UTM - Complete network protection with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Content Filtering 2.0, IDP and Application Patrol
VPN - Branch offices, partners and home users can deploy ZyWALL Firewalls for site-to-site IPSec VPN connections
Ease-of-Use - Managing complex configuration settings can be confusing and time-consuming. ZyWALL USG Series provides an “easy mode” setup for entry-level and SOHO users

Hackers never rest. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in attacking companies. Our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offers UTM services, and goes one-step further. With sandboxing technology, ATP performs real time checking for unknown threats offering a Zero-Day protection. ATP is the right choice to protect networks against increasingly sophisticated hackers.

Sandboxing - For unknown programs to be contained, emulated, executed, and inspected Sandbox Cloud then analyzes the behavior and verifies if it’s malicious or not in real-time
UTM - The ATP service pack includes classical UTM protection such as Web security and Malware blocker
Analytics - SecuReporter analyses your security and correlates data in real-time

Zyxel Nebula gateways are quick and easy to deploy at remote locations via nearly zero-touch cloud provisioning. Nebula automatically pulls policies and configuration settings, receives seamless firmware upgrades and security signature updates from the cloud without the need for on-site networking expertise.

Easy setup - Providing site-wide visibility and control that enables administrators to manage event logs, traffic statistics, bandwidth consumption, networked clients and application usage without access to individual devices
VPN - The Security Gateway, either site-to-site or hub-and-spoke VPN connections can be configured with complete simplicity and without complex VPN configuration steps – it’s just a few clicks in the Nebula Control Center
Policy management - Zyxel Nebula gateways streamline configuration of firewalls and every security feature for faster, easier and more consistent policy settings by supporting object-based management and a unified configuration approach for all security related policies

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