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5G NR Solutions

Empower The Future

Welcome to the “All-Digital” era, where remote everything is the new standard today. Digital transformation is deemed crucial and essential in today’s business world, making 5G networks, which will connect the physical, digital, and virtual worlds the most important engine to drive success for digital transformation.

By offering and optimizing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and all of our partners the cutting edge of wireless broadband network technology, we’re driving the digital journey forward with intelligent connectivity. We aim to create a win-win situation value with you to always stay one step ahead and thrive in the digital age together. Empower the future, accelerate your business with 5G with us now!

Top-tier Products

We offers a wide product portfolio of 5G NR devices — outdoor, indoor, and mobile — suitable for a range of deployment scenarios and a variety of network infrastructures.

Enjoy 5G networking in any occasion and easily expand business with our comprehensive 5G NR solutions.

Top Performance Technologies

To secure your investments in 5G NR, our solutions are interoperable with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments. In addition to deploying flexibility, we aim to develop advanced products for mmWave or sub-6GHz spectrum. This enhances the connection quality and provides you with an excellent connection experience.

Multiple Support Channels

We are proud of providing trustworthy and innovative solutions. Not only do we come with high quality products, but we instantly provide after service and support. We make an all-out effort to optimize user experience along the way.

Use our “Zyxel Air” mobile app, a simple and intuitive app that allows you to set up and find the best installation location for your device with just a few taps.

Get Ahead & Stay Ahead

We are constantly exploring new ways of going further in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, and stability for our products. We want to keep improving. Thinking one step ahead. Thinking about the continuous change and strict requirements that our customers require. As the number of devices connected to the cloud is exploding, the need for a unified and efficient network management is crucial. These are critical focus of ours as we pull out all the stops to stick to develop new 5G solutions.

Outdoor Router NR7101

It offers internet connectivity that utilizes state-of-the-art wireless network technology. Free yourself from cabled installation. The outdoor-friendly design makes it possible to work in harsh environments.

Perfect for your factory, holiday home, transportation hubs, outdoor venues, and any place without stable wired network.

Mobile Hotspot NR2101

It is the hotspot solution to enhance your WiFi sharing capabilities. It’s born for those who are frequent remote workers, travelers that need internet and the ability to share its connection. It helps you get the best connection for your lifestyle at anytime and anywhere.

Simply bring it with you while you’re going for those remote work, weekends, or business trips. Use it on the go!

Indoor Router NR5101

It not only allows you to completely abandon the wired connection but can also become a backup or primary connection through LTE. Set LTE as your main or backup internet gateway for your office or home. Enjoy non-stop connectivity with minimal effort for your business and family.

It is the best choice for a home or indoor enterprises including offices, auditoriums, manufacturing, and any place that requires continuous network connection.

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