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802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point

La mejor experiencia inalámbrica para alta densidad con verdadera flexibilidad

El WAC6303D-S ha sido diseñado con tecnología de antena inteligente, para brindar a los clientes la mejor experiencia inalámbrica, especialmente en entornos de alta densidad.

Además, el WAC6303D-S es compatible con NebulaFlexTM Pro, que incluye tres años de paquete profesional y funcionalidad de modo triple (independiente, controlador de hardware y nebulosa).


NebulaFlexTM Pro

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MU-MIMO, New Definition of Wi-Fi

Stepping up from 802.11ac, the second generation Wave 2 technology introduces Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO). This is an important WiFi development that enables an AP to communicate with multiple clients at a time offering 300% performance for a 3x3 AP.

Single-User MIMO

Multi-User MIMO

Next Generation Transmit Beamforming benefits overall networking

Transmit Beamforming (TxBF) technology is another key to implement reliable high-density Wi-Fi connection. It increases overall network transmission data rates, which benefits not only MU-MIMO clients but also all existing clients.


Generation-2 Transmit Beamforming benefits overall networking

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Generation-2 Transmit Beamforming benefits overall networking

Optimal Wireless Experience

WAC6303D-S features Smart antenna technology which is proven able to mitigate co-channel interference, and adaptively adjust antenna patterns to fit in high-density application.

Built for Superior performance

The WAC6303D-S is built with a high-efficiency antenna module, premium power amplifiers and low-noise elements delivering superior wireless performance over other Wave 2 access points on the market.

Optimized wireless experience with advanced features

To provide outstanding performance in crowded environment, WAC6303D-S features 3G/4G interference immunity, excellent receive sensitivity and DCS, which enlarge its service coverage for more clients and better quality of connection.

Optimized wireless experience with advanced features

Most flexible management

The WAC6303D-S series featuring NebulaFlex Pro can be run by standalone, controller or Nebula Control Center to meet whatever your business need. For a straightforward network it can run in standalone mode, and for a complex one needed advanced features it can run with on-premises controller. And Nebula is designed to satisfy all situation with great scalability, feature-rich, and central management.