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Nebula Together Solution

Together We Emerge
Stronger Than Ever

Remote working is here to stay, businesses now need to ensure that all their networks can be accessed securely outside of the office, while still providing the same level of security. Our new Nebula Together has been updated with Zero-Trust Network Security, minimizing risk by adding granular policies and access authentication for the ever-growing need for secure workplaces.

Be Used with Nebula

Our most popular line of security firewalls can now be used with Nebula. Adding a choice of five USG FLEX firewalls to suit a range of business sizes. Enabling Nebula management with holistic security and protection for these business networks help our customers work better together.

Same Security Across Networks

Simply deploying a firewall doesn’t guarantee complete safety, but with the revolutionary Nebula solution, it is capable of authenticating individuals and devices through out all scenarios, greatly improving security level of the corporate network. Get a peace of mind with our detailed reports for investigations, threat prevention, active monitoring, high visibility of network activities, and our evolving security network with up to the minute protection.

Best Practices for Remote Access

We offer a wide array of products that allow different remote access practices including firewalls for headquarters and branch offices, remote access points for secure workplaces and SecuExtender VPN client for off-site employees. Whether it is a wired, wireless, or IoT device, the Nebula solution with Secure WiFi and VPN management consolidates and ensures the same network control and security across multiple sites. Extend the working experience easily and securely, as if you were in the office with the safety of both two-factor authentication and tunnel protection.

Collaborative Network Defense Begins at the Edge

If the firewalls detect a threat on any of the connected devices, the integrated cloud threat intelligence will automatically stop the threat at the network edge by blocking or quarantining, preventing damage to the network.

All from One Place with Ease

Nebula solution allow you to easily control and manage compatible access points, switches and firewalls all from one place. We have strengthened the access control, security protection and network scalability including Layer 3 static route functionality. Not only that, but we have also completed Zero-Trust Network Security for these three types of devices for multiple connected applications.

Nebula, A Unified Platform

  • Centralized
  • Simplified
  • Automated
  • Proactive
  • Centralized multi-tenant management across unlimited numbers of locations

  • Streamlined configuration and updates under a single page across all devices

  • Advanced networking services including Wireless health, Switch IPTV, and Security services monitoring & report

  • Automatically build visual topology maps with live troubleshooting

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Simplified and Flexible Licensing Experience

We bring a consistent and unified approach to the customer experience both in platform and licensing while ensuring to maintain a simple migration path between on-premise and our cloud platform. Easily scale up your license pools by business demand with flexible Nebula pack and security pack. We also give a simpler way for partners to manage and renew businesses with a single platform—Zyxel Circle.

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