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The pervasive use of laptop computers and mobile devices in academic institutions has created a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of teaching and learning. The integration of new interactive tools such as blogs, YouTube and other useful sites has created new teaching paradigms that expand the learning opportunities to all students. With this phenomena, the increasingly demand of Internet connection & bandwidth is one of the key required deployment of infrastructure.

Besides, although Internet learning brings considerable opportunities, there is still undesirable Web content such as pornography, gambling, drugs, cyber-bullying and other offensive material that can be easily accessed by students, exposing them to inappropriate and harmful content on a daily basis. Schools must not only control access but also protect students from these threats.

Solution Benefits

ZyXEL's Solution for Educational Institutes is a complete product portfolio from a single vendor to build and maintain convenient, efficient academic network infrastructures. The Solution offers not only easy-to-use WLANs that leverage the existing infrastructure to provide superior scalability and investment protection, but also Ethernet switches with outstanding performance, availability and resilience to ensure that the network resources are always available to minimize network downtime. In addition, the robust network security features such as behavior control and malware protection also guarantee regulation compliance and secure learning environments for all users.

Benefits for Educational Institutes

  • Building a flexible learning environment with improved teaching quality for students and teachers to access the Internet from anywhere within the campus
  • Delivering a reliable, secure and fast network that enables schools to focus on educating students
  • Protecting student from inappropriate Web content such as pornography, cyber-bullying, gambling and drugs
  • Improving school competitiveness for students to maintain desirable grades taking advantage of the unlimited learning resources
  • Enriching the education experience by incorporating innovative, proven technology into affordable customized solutions that are easy to use and manage

 Benefits for Education Resellers

  • Taking advantage of education markets with high growth potential
  • Upselling opportunities thanks to the increasing demand for connectivity and security
  • ZyXEL provides complete educational solutions and product portfolios
  • Comprehensive training and marketing support from ZyXEL local support and consultancy direct from the manufacturer.
  • Comprehensive warrant

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Basic Connectivity in Key Areas

In order to provide access to critical information and network-based applications, key campus buildings such as public areas, classrooms, and libraries require more network connections for the increased “Bring your own device” trend amongst pupils and members of staff. Another challenge in campus is the constant addition of classrooms and university buildings that require network access

The basic solution for educational institutions is to adopt Local Area Networking (LAN) using Ethernet switches or Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions as their network infrastructure depending on their budget and physical environment. For instance, wireless would be much more suitable to deploy within older buildings and temporary classrooms due to the issues involved in hard wiring cables such as cost, time and access availability.

Performance-related Solution's Features

  • Connectivity in key areas: public areas, classrooms and libraries
  • WLAN standards: 802.11 b/g at 54 Mbit/s or 802.11n at 300 Mbit/s
  • Standard-based PoE, IEEE 802.3af compliant
  • SNMP management and WiFi-certified security
  • Meets growing student demand for campus IT facilities with faster data speed
  • Unobtrusive smoke detector style AP

Application Benefits

  • Provides a flexible learning environment in and outside classrooms
  • Freedom of Installation with Power over Ethernet technology
  • Enriches education experience by incorporating efficient, proven wired and wireless solutions user data.