ZyXEL USG Solution Delivers Remote Access to China’s Tianjin Wuqing County Bank Customers

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Tianjin Wuqing County Bank faced several daunting challenges when it opened for operation in 2013. Many of the thousands of customers serviced by its nine branches located across Wuqing District, in the Tainjin province of China, lived in rural areas without much or any network infrastructure. For the bank to be able to deliver financial services remotely to these customers, it turned to ZyXEL for assistance to establish a secure and stable network solution. ZyXEL achieved this with a solution based around the company’s USG100 and USG20 unified security gateways. Now, bank staff can provide mobile point-of-sale (POS) services to rural customers as well as a range of other online services to individuals and SMEs.


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