ZyXEL Assists Polish Technical University with Fiber Network Upgrade

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When you are in the business of teaching the next generation of engineers and problem solvers, you have to stay up-to-date with the technology that forms the backbone of your institution. That was the challenge that faced Lodz University of Technology in Poland when its Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics decided to upgrade the fiber network for its calculations center. The aim of the upgrade was to improve network efficiency and security for the center. A primary focus was placed on preventing unauthorized intrusions from outside sources. With the help of local network services company Kappa and equipment provided by ZyXEL, a solution was devised that allowed TUL achieve its efficiency and safety goals.

“We wanted to increase our efficiency and safety for the purpose of the department’s projects, which include long calculation processes, and improve the fiber optic network. Kappa Company offered to replace the existent network gateways with ZyXEL equipment, which increased the safety of our calculation center and provided better efficiency for our fiber optic infrastructure.”

Dr. Jacek Podgórski
Dean of Proxy Teaching at the Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics, TUL

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