Non-Profit Organization KFI Gets Multi-location Telecommunications System Upgrade from ZyXEL

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“The equipment is working flawlessly! ZyXEL has helped this organization join the modern age, making this one of my most popular decisions during my time at KFI.“

Jim Mehaan
Executive Director for KFI Organization


KFI Organization was founded almost 50 years ago, and as a school for children with intellectual disabilities, KFI has evolved and expanded to become a regional provider of services to people with disabilities and has been recognized and awarded for its excellence. KFI helps disabled individuals through case management, community support, employment opportunities, home assistance, and enables them to realize that they are important members of the community.


KFI began as an organization which assisted disabled children but evolved to help all disabled individuals throughout Maine. This growth created a pressing concern; the organization needed to update their communications system to better handle the volume of calls and the expanding business. KFI operates three sites which needed to be upgraded and bridged for clear connectivity. Another objective was to lower their telecommunications bill while also upgrading the system.

Solutions and Benefits

This change would involve getting new equipment which could be remotely managed and USG100 was selected to provide the service. As a Unified Threat Management system (UTM), the USG100 would serve as the main gateway, channeling data and voice traffic between each site’s internal network with the other two sites, as well as the Internet connection over a secure Virtual Private Network. In this particular application, there was another key feature that made the ZyWALL devices an easy winner. The USG100 devices are one of very few routers that allow for bandwidth management for VPN traffic. This allowed KFI to set high priority to all the voice traffic, enhancing the quality of the newly deployed Internet telephone system. KFI installed a Panasonic telephone system to link the three sites. The installation ran smoothly and the ZyXEL routers were used to connect the VoIP system. Installing such a system is anticipated to effectively save KFI $1,500 per year.

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