ZyXEL Provides Wi-Fi Solution for Family Hotel Penzion Za Vodou in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech Republic

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In an age where smartphones and other mobile devices are often the preferred tools for accessing the Internet as well as essential services from business and government networks, offering robust and dependable Wi-Fi service is an important concern, especially in the competitive hotel and accommodation sector. Faced with inconsistent and patchy wireless coverage, Hotel Penzion Za Vodou decided to go with ZyXEL’s innovative, affordable wireless solution to deliver the Wi-Fi coverage guests and staff expect. Read the full story to learn how the hotel was able to significantly improve and expand Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hotel complex, in addition to offering unsurpassed upgrade ability and a superior return on investment. 

"The ZyXEL solution we implemented to bolster our Wi-Fi coverage is fully functional, and more importantly for us, it perfectly meets the requirements of our hotel guests. Another important aspect is the possibility of extending this superior, hassle-free Wi-Fi coverage to other parts of our family hotel in the future as new buildings are constructed and expanded. The wireless project was implemented exactly according to our requirements, mutual agreement, and the satisfaction of all parties.”

Tomáš Bořek
Director of Family Hotel Penzion Za Vodou

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