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Secure Your Data, Secure Your Business’s Future

We live in a dangerous time.

  • › Hackers target popular stores during the holidays.
  • › Social media platforms treat personal data carelessly.
  • › WiFi hotspots are playgrounds for data thieves.
Since a single attack can create a long-term ripple effect of consumer anxiety and doubt, the damage is not confined—it’s ongoing and potentially lethal to a business’s future. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
At Zyxel, we have decades of experience protecting all types of businesses and their customers.
Check out these instructive cases to learn how to secure your business’s future.

Keep Your Clients Close,
Keep Their Data Closer

What’s the threat we face?
A design company was thriving. Customers were pleased, investors were knocking at their door, and several new business locations were in the works. But with an increasing number of clients, employees, and remote work, their CEO worried that all these variables could lead to a nightmarish data breach. The clients they had worked years to get would be gone overnight. Fortunately, the company made a call to a local IT company before it was too late.
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For every business that wisely chooses to protect itself, there are countless that don’t—and face the tragic consequences of losing consumer confidence. By quickly deploying a robust firewall, like the ZyWALL ATP800 from Zyxel, the design team was able to instantly get the following security benefits:
  • › Multi-layer protection that uses machine learning to defend against countless threats, known or unknown
  • › VPN encryption to give remote workers secure access to sensitive data
  • › Comprehensive security analytics via a user-friendly management dashboard—accessible at the office, at home, or on the go
With its client data safe and sound, the company is now looking less like a small business and more like a future enterprise.
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Stay on the Right Side of
New Regulations

What’s the threat we face?
A European online voter consultation platform had already been punished by the local data protection authority for illegally sharing member data with third parties. However, that didn’t stop it from trying to get away with continuing their dangerously lax data practices.
This time, with the support of the GDPR—the strict, new data regulations across the EU—the authorities fined the negligent voter platform €50,000 for leaving sensitive user data vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
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The GDPR is one of the most recent international efforts to protect user data, and it certainly won’t be the last. So unless you want to have government investigators looking over your shoulder for the next decade, it’s probably wise to shore up your safeguards by:
  • › Using end-to-end encrypted services to keep your data secure and anonymous
  • › Ensuring all your software and applications are up to date and quickly patching network flaws
  • › Backing up user data so it can be restored in the event of a major network incident
For additional network security, take a look at Zyxel’s SecuReporter, the cloud-based analytics service that will meet all your data protection needs and complies with regulations like GDPR.
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Where there’s widespread consumer doubt, business opportunities abound. Investing in your network security will:
  • › Reduce concerns about data loss or misuse
  • › Attract new clients and keep the existing customer base calm and confident