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3 Reasons the Surveillance Switch Will Revolutionize Your Business

3 Reasons the Surveillance Switch Will Revolutionize Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the business landscape at breakneck pace, and one of the largest segments in IoT is video surveillance. Fast-growing Internet-connected security cameras have boosted the growth potential of PoE switches across the globe. However, the switches available on the market right now haven’t been able to keep up with the expanding needs of modern surveillance installations.

The surveillance switch is here to change that.

These are 3 reasons why you should invest in the surveillance switch.

#1 Reason

Surveillance Switches Go the Distance

Security cameras often need to be installed in remote locations. But standard PoE switches typically only get 100 meters of transmission distance. Thanks to Zyxel’s one-of-a-kind extended range mode, a surveillance switch can get up to an astonishing 250 meters.


Think of all the deployment possibilities… and all your future customers.

Standard mode
Extended range mode
#2 Reason

Surveillance Switches Have Breakthrough Power

High power budget for more camera connections? Check.

Variety of port counts for versatile deployments? Check.

Auto Camera Recovery for reduced repairs and downtime? Check

Continuous PoE for uninterrupted operation—even during updates or maintenance? Check mate.

This level of power and flexibility is the future of surveillance. So you can forget about those times you tried to connect too many cameras and lost all switch power.

Surveillance switches will give you more power than you know what to do with.

#3 Reason

Surveillance Switches Don’t Need Protection, They Are Protection

A lot of security camera deployments are in the great outdoors. And, as you probably already know, complex electrical devices and sudden lightning storms don’t go well together. With the patented design for ESD and surge protection of surveillance switches, you’ll never have to worry about losing your surveillance investment because Mother Nature had a bad day.

Dive into your business future by learning more about Zyxel’s surveillance switches today!