Fiber to the X

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No Limits!

FTTx allows a technology shift from existing copper cabling systems to fiber, providing an almost unlimited transmission rate. Plenty of financial models have shown little difference between the deployment costs of optical fiber and copper cable systems of equal capacity.

Fiber to the X | ZyXEL

European FTTx Forecast

It is a fact that fiber networking is the ultimate solution for delivering broadband services to customers and we are right in the middle of this trend. Fiber networking access is a proven broadband technology with almost no limits, so at any time it can be expanded to meet the bandwidth demands of individual customers over the coming years. FTTx is the fastest-growing global broadband technology, with significant deployments in Asia, Europe and North America. The number of FTTx deployments in Europe is forecasted to grow six times from 2009 to 2013.