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The pervasive use of laptop computers and mobile devices in academic institutions has created a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of teaching and learning. Even more, digital textbooks on tablet PCs are replacing traditional textbooks in many countries, which envision advancement of students’ learning effectiveness.

In order to enhance teaching and learning quality, schools and universities need to provide better services and infrastructure to students, teachers, researchers and the administrative staff. In practice, one of the ways to make an educational environment competitive is to incorporate complete, future-proof Internet connectivity into the campus; then the demand from everyone for unlimited learning resources can be satisfied anytime, anywhere.

Solution Benefits

  • Complete product portfolio from a single vendor can be built and maintained conveniently and efficiently
  • Superior scalability, outstanding performance and future-proof functionality
  • High access availability and resilience that ensure always-available network resources and minimized network downtime
  • Robust network security features such as behaviour control and malware protection also guarantee regulation compliance and secure learning environments

Benefits for Customers

  • Building a flexible learning environment with improved teaching quality for students and teachers to access the Internet from anywhere within the campus
  • Delivering a reliable, secure and fast network that enables schools to focus on educating students
  • Protecting student from inappropriate Web content such as pornography, cyber-bullying, gambling and drugs
  • Improving school competitiveness for students to maintain desirable grades taking advantage of the unlimited learning resources
  • Enriching the education experience by incorporating innovative, proven technology into affordable customized solutions that are easy to use and manage

Benefits for Education Resellers

  • Taking advantage of education markets with high growth potential
  • Upselling opportunities thanks to the increasing demand for connectivity and security
  • ZyXEL provides complete educational solutions and product portfolios
  • Comprehensive training and marketing support from ZyXEL local support
  • Comprehensive warranty for all users

Education | ZyXEL

In order to provide access to critical information and network-based applications, key campus buildings such as common areas, classrooms, and libraries require more network connections for the increased “Bring your own device” trend amongst pupils and members of staff. Another challenge on campus is the constant addition of classrooms and university buildings that require network access.


Experience with always-on, easy-to-use connectivity is a good way to give students more learning satisfaction. ZyXEL provides an adaptive wired and wireless solution that not only easily integrates with the existing architectures, but also scales nicely to meet the network demands of educational institutions.

ZyXEL Always-Connect Solutions

  • Connectivity in key areas: public areas, classrooms and libraries
  • Latest Wi-Fi technologies support up to 802.11ac at 1.1 Gbps
  • Concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi services for high-density areas
  • A variety of installation methods supported across AP series
  • Scalable deployment, centralized management and zero-touch configurations with WLAN controllers
  • Standard-based PoE switching with high power budget
  • Comprehensive switching portfolio from unmanaged, smart and managed fulfills various needs

Application Benefits

  • Provides a flexible learning environment in and outside classrooms
  • Freedom of Installation with Power over Ethernet technology
  • Enriches education experience by incorporating efficient, proven wired and wireless solutions user data
  • PoE Technology
    ZyXEL PoE Switch supports the IEEE 802.3at with high power budget PoE technology to ease challenging deployment scenarios such as ceiling or wallmount installations. It works with devices such as WLAN APs, VoIP phones and IP surveillance cameras that can be powered by Ethernet connectivity over CAT-5 cables of less than 100 meters in length; so there is no need for extra power adapters, powering the devices installed in the ceiling is no longer a headache. This feature helps schools to reduce installation time and cost when many new devices are needed.
  • Flexible WLAN Management Solutions
    As Wi-Fi connectivity now becomes one of the essential considerations in development of modern campus networks, the number of access points isbound to increase as well as management challenges. To address this, ZyXEL offers complete solutions for easy Wi-Fi AP management. For deployed stand-alone access points, ZyXEL AP Configurator (ZAC) is suitable for batch configuration or firmware upgrade. In large-scale deployment and advanced management scenarios such as data plan policing, user-centric access control and RF management, the NXC WLAN controller can be utilized to establish and maintain a robust, managed Wi-Fi infrastructur.