Secure Remote Access Solution

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The topic of remote access has become more "en vogue" than ever! The economic crisis has shown that "Always on" and intelligent cost reductions are even more essential than ever before. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) show you an intelligent and excellent way to meet these challenges and helps to generate new revenue streams for your business.

"Always on" – the requirement of today's business world

A changed working environment, new communication devices and ever-increasing expectations of the end user leads to an increased demand of comprehensive remote access solutions. More and more companies employ teleworkers using their home office. There are many drivers that will continue to influence this growth of teleworking worldwide:

Business Drivers

Productivity and Cost Savings - more important than ever
Today's businesses can gain competivite advantage by increasing productivity and saving cost. Businesses are gaining this productivity by using technology to enable current workers to do more work without limitation of time and places and improving rates of employee sick leave and absenteeism. In times of crisis cost structures have to be rearranged and high rents for office buildings have become more and more a hassle for SB and SMB businesses. One option to reduce the costs here is to increase the number of telecommuters who work from home. Businesses can reduce costs invest in human resource support, Information and communication technologies equipment, and other facilities and office space.

People Drivers

Improved flexibility and work–life balance
Work-life balance is a wonderful motivating factor for ensuring employee loyalty and retention.Today Employees expect flexible working options to improve their flexibility and work-life balance because they can achieve greater flexibility of working hours and location of work which meet their needs. Teleworking is the best way to allow workers to reduce travelling times and costs, spend more time with family and achieve an enhanced capacity to balance work and caring responsibilities through greater flexibility and control over working time.

Environment Drivers

Eco Friendly
Growing environmental pressure about global warming and other environmental issues is becoming an important impact for business world. Businesses are increasingly looking for green solution to minimize their environmental impact. Teleworking reduces traffic on the road, smog in the air, and lower demands for urban office space. It will result in environmental benefits, including reduced pollution and traffic congestion.

Secure Remote Access Solution | ZyXEL

Businesses are experiencing an increasing need to provide telecommuting for teleworkers, small branch locations, business partners and customers. They always need, independent from their location, access to company information and expect an easy and especially safe access to the necessary network resources – everywhere, every time and with every device. However, how do businesses ensure that the safe access is real secure? Is nobody listening in? To achieve this goal, secure, available and cost-effective remote access is crritical for businesses. You need to be absolutely sure that remote access is always available and of all things completely secure. For this reason, most companies use virtual private networks (VPNs) to guarantee secure connection.