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02-17-2014 Reviewed by: Nathan Eddy

The NSA325 is more than a hard drive; it's an all-in-one cloud-managed entertainment hub. The fastest, most powerful product in Zyxel's NAS suite of products, the NSA325 boasts high-speed USB 3.0 support and the raw power to manage downloads, play music and stream HD video to multiple devices simultaneously. The NSA325 also allows users to automatically upload and download files without ever turning on a PC. - See more at:

IT Pro Portal

IT Pro Portal, USA

01-02-2014 Reviewed by: Frank Everaardt

The advantage of having a NAS with two disks is safety. You can configure it in RAID 1, so that when one disk fails, you don't lose any data. For back-ups it's a nice fail-safe to have...

Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society

11-09-2013 Reviewed by: LaDonna Dennis

“ZyXEL is one of our top choice this year in our 2013 Holiday Stocking Guide!
Two of my kiddos are constantly on the go and they need this exact gadget!”




“Few devices are easier to install than the Wireless N300 Range Extender from ZyXEL …

simple, low-cost solution for squeezing extra life from an existing network”

Edward J. Correia CRN

PC Magazine

PC Magazine, USA

05-14-2013 Reviewed by: SAMARA LYNN


“The tiny ZyXel MWR102 Travel Router is super convenient for business travelers”

“MWR102 clocked the fastest speeds we've tested in a travel router”



C-Net, USA

04-15-2013 Reviewed by: Dong Ngo/CNET


It offers more than twice the speed of a regular Ethernet connection, which is all the more reason you should get a pair of these instead of running network cable to that far corner of the house where your Wi-Fi signal can't reach.



04-11-2013 Reviewed by: Charlene OHanlon

Howdy, and thanks for joining us for this week’s Channel Partner Program Roundup, our weekly collection of channel news and information. This week we’ve got news from ZyXEL, Arbor Networks and Thinking Phone Networks, so saddle up and let’s mooove.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine, USA

04-03-2013 Reviewed by: Samara Lynn

Check out the ZyXEL (MWR102) review by PC Magazine!



02-07-2013 Reviewed by: Charlene OHanlon

 The secure broadband networking, Internet access, connected home and routing products vendor is offering its authorized partners special pricing certain products, enabling them to save up to $1,900 on one free year of ZyXEL anti-virus and IDP (Intrusion Detection/Peer-to-Peer Blocking) services.

USA Today

USA Today, USA

01-12-2013 Reviewed by: Deb Porterfield

“Gadget works wireless magic”

One handy solution to pack along for such "emergencies" is a travel router. One pocket-sized model, the ZyXEL MWR102, lets you turn a wired Internet connection into a wireless one.