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North America Headquarters

ZyXEL Communications Inc.
1130 North Miller Street
Anaheim, CA 92806-2001
Phone: 714-632-0882
Fax: 714-632-0858

Rely on our knowledgeable, friendly, and certified support team to meet all your technical support needs. Use the form to submit your questions to ZyXEL's Technical Support Center. You can also enter any additional comments or suggestions on how the ZyXEL Service and Support can serve you better. We want doing business with us to be simple. Please tell us as much about your problem as possible to help us quickly resolve your problem.

Normal Business hours for Tech Support are 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Please note that any information you supply is protected by the terms of ZyXEL Communications privacy policy. Toll free support phone number: 1-800-255-4101 option #5

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