About WPS Attack by Brute Force

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ZyXEL stresses no WPS vulnerability in its latest retail wireless home routers

To respond to the WPS vulnerability issue currently being widely publicized by news reports, ZyXEL Communications today assures its customers that the company’s latest retail wireless home products are not affected by the purported vulnerability problem.

WPS vulnerability was first found and reported in 2011. As ZyXEL became aware of the security risk, retail home router products introduced by the company after that period have the WPS PIN disabled by default to protect wireless home routers from possible attacks.

To ensure security of home network, ZyXEL strongly recommends users of ZyXEL DSL CPE, LTE and SBG Series, in which WPS is required by some service providers, to follow the standard procedure to disable the WPS PIN function for better protection against such threats.

Since none of ZyXEL business wireless products, such as WLAN APs and Unified Security Gateways, employ the WPS PIN function, business customers can rest assured that their devices are not affected by the vulnerability issue.

For more help, please e-mail support@zyxel.com.tw