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Experience a true ONE Network like no other

End Repetitive and Inefficient Tasks

The reality of today’s business networks is that different product lines lack consistency and integration. It’s not uncommon in the industry that equipment brands just acquire new technologies they lack for shorter time-to-market; as a result, products under one brand might have totally different graphic or command line interfaces, or similar features that perform differently. For example, a customer may find that there are three or four ways to configure IP addresses for devices from the same brand; these translate into repetitive works and low-efficient. Even simple tasks like assigning IP addresses can be tedious and tiresome if there are dozens of devices to work on.

ZyXEL Strives to Deliver Best Integrated Solutions

As a 25 year-old networking brand that tirelessly endeavors to provide the most productive solutions to its customers, ZyXEL addresses this problem and aims to take business networking to new heights with introduction of ZyXEL One Network.

ZyXEL ONE Network Revolutionizes Network Administrations

With the vision to help the world connect, ZyXEL presents comprehensive businesses networking solutions from switches to Wireless LANs, security appliances and gateways. The robust, reliable networking equipment from ZyXEL-one of the few companies that possess all key technologies for all business networking product lines-enables, enables us to fully integrate switches, wireless APs and gateways in an innovative way.

With this capability, ZyXEL offers a truly integrated One Network experience from LAN to WLAN and the gateway.

Values we deliver:

  • Accelerate initial network deployment, and deployment of new hardware for expansion.
  • Eliminate the burden of repetitive network management tasks.
  • Support a flexible agile infrastructure that can respond quickly to business needs.
  • Streamline and simplify troubleshooting, preventing network related interruptions to business operations.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and costly Network Management Platforms.
  • Drive down the Total Cost of Ownership of the network.
  • Support new working practices with a scalable. flexible network that can rapidly respond to change.
  • Simplified

    ZyXEL ONE Network Utility

    Use one management console to set up an integrated network.

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  • Smart

    ZyXEL Smart Connect

    Get a quick overview of nearby connected devices and remotely control them with just one click.

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  • Integrated

    AP Controller Technology

    ZyXEL's AP Controller is now widely implemented across commercial gateways to offer customers the best TCO.

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